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Korean traditional medicine is a life science that the people of Korea have ingeniously developed and sublimated into a form most applicable to its people.

Group Visits

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Group Visits

In order to ensure a pleasant and safe environment of museum visit for everyone, we ask all group visits of 10 or more people to be reserved online at our homepage or by phone. For group visits of 10 or more people, reservations must be made 3 days or more in advance.
  • Group Size : minimum 10 people
  • Reservation date : 3 or more days prior to visit (maximum 30 days in advance)
  • CONTACT : 82-53-253-3359
  • ※ Maximum size for a group visit is 150 people per visit and reservation may not be possible for larger groups.

Visitor Tips and Policies

  • Reservations may be automatically canceled 20 minutes after the reserved time slot.
  • Student groups must be accompanied by a chaperone, and chaperones must inform the students of the policies before entering the exhibition.
  • Please make a reservation in advance for explanations on exhibits by cultural expert commentators.
  • Please confirm with the name you have reserved with before making a reservation to prevent double booking.
  • Today's reservation, please contact us by telephone