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Daegu National Industrial Park

Daegu creates the Daegu National Industrial Park in Guji-myeon, Dalseong-gun (8.5㎢, population of 24,000), where residential, industrial, commercial, research facilities are to be built with the aim of developing a new growth engine for the region...

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Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection

Unless otherwise stipulated by law, a foreigner may carry out foreign investment ...

Welcome to Daegu Metropolitan City's webpage.

New Year's Greeting
We will foster the economy and work hard to create quality jobs.
We will transform the economic structure of Daegu to establish an eco-friendly, high-tech industrial city based on new and promising industries and attract the kinds of businesses for which young people are interested in working.
We will steadfastly promote the construction of a new integrated airport so that Daegu may grow into a world-class city of culture and tourism.
We will increase the value of the city's urban spaces by renovating the downtown areas and creating a green environment with fresh air, clean water, and healthy trees.
We will transform Daegu into a city that is comfortable and safe, no matter the place or time of day, and build transportation infrastructure to make it convenient and easy for people to move all around the city.
We will take care of our citizens in order to create a warm and welcoming community in Daegu
Thank you.

Kwon Young-jin Mayor, Daegu Metropolitan City Government