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CHANGE Sincheon: A revolutionary transformation of Sincheon that rejuvenates both water and citizens’ daily environment
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( T. 120)

DMC to be converting stream into waterside park that features children’s swimming contests, shaded forest, and river view terrace


In response to demographic and COVID-19-caused changes to the lives of Daegu citizens, Daegu Metropolitan City (DMC) will be converting Sincheon Stream into a smart, high-quality waterside park that is ecologically-conscious, has cultural features, and generally invigorates the lives of citizenry. The conversion was prompted by citizens’ requests for an outdoor space in the city that can accommodate various types of activities.


The conversion of Sincheon into a waterside park, with a budget of KRW 589 billion (state: KRW 170.9 bil., municipal: KRW 418.1 bil.), will be making the stream Daegu’s signature leisure area and major tourism hub by undertaking four initiatives (high-quality waterside park, restoration of clean waterway, everyday space for citizens, sustainable and future-driven administrative system) that are in turn comprised of a total of 10 objectives.


                   High-quality waterside park (smart, ecologically-conscious, has cultural features, and invigorates lives of citizenry)

Sincheon, a stream that cuts through the city, receives as many as six million visitors each year. Thus far, the emphasis on tourist quantity meant that the stream’s vicinity was used only for walking or exercise.


The temporary water play area and ice skating rink, which are popular with citizens but also an inconvenience because they had to be installed and disassembled each year, will be turned into a permanent facility. DMC will be installing a year-round water park that can be converted into a skating rink in the winter, thereby ensuring a vibrant space that is both functional and satisfactory for citizens.


Furthermore, a green area (Hope Forest) will be installed along Sincheon that serves as a “green trail,” which promotes carbon neutrality and allows citizens to listen to the sound of running water while walking, and a biotope for Daegu’s flora and fauna. Hope Forest will show how nature can coexist with urban spaces.


The green area will be constructed in a way that is eco-friendly and safe even with fluctuating water levels (due to summer monsoon). There will also be a “river view terrace” installed on the bridge that offers a view of the green area and has food and cultural facilities for citizens.


Water facilities scattered across Sincheon (reservoir, fountains, etc.) will be made IoT-based, allowing them to be automatically controlled. Citizens will be provided services such as disaster notifications and Wi-Fi that affect their lives in tangible ways.


Plan for converting stream into waterside park

- Expansion of ecological functions (4): ecological waterway (flora/fauna), waterside ecological park, renovation of reservoir and fish paths, renovation of minimum-depth waterway section

- Historical/cultural spaces (2): History & Culture Plaza, themed mini-park (Hope Forest)

- Water facilities (7): Fixed water park (including river view terrace); improvement of: bridge-view area, bridge’s base and covered section, pedestrian areas, fountain-view area; road that connects to Beomeocheon Stream; Chilseong Starlight Plaza

- Smart Sincheon (2): establish smart optical communications network and public Wi-Fi


       Abundant quantity, clean, foul odor-free: Restoration of health waterway

To ensure adequate water quantity for Sincheon, 100,000 tons of surface water from Nakdonggang River will be added to the stream (per day) from December after being purified (BOD Level 1), thereby doubling Sincheon’s maintenance flow.


To ensure cleanliness, there are several options being considered for the 100,000 tons of re-processed wastewater that was provided thus far as maintenance water (e.g. refine once more, refine source water from Geumhogang River). Whichever option is selected, emphasis will be given to fundamental improvement of Sincheon’s water quality (either by adding a sandbank or adding water-purifying plants).


The waterway itself will also be improved by separating rainwater and wastewater to prevent pollutants from entering Sincheon. Foul odors will be prevent by installing an odor detection device and undertaking a smart sewage system project that enables real-time control.


The refined water will be supplied to a sand beach (which will be created in Sincheon’s upper area) and swimming area for citizens to enjoy during the summer months.


A “river view terrace” for everyone to enjoy the beauty of Sincheon



                   Creation of a riverside space for citizens to enjoy on a daily basis (through regulatory reform and proactive administrative efforts)

Thus far, fixed structures were not allowed to be installed inside a stream’s vicinity (to prevent flooding). DMC will be communicating with relevant central ministries on amending the law to allow structures as long as they do not interfere with flood control as well as passing a special ordinance that relaxes construction restrictions for Sincheon.


Until the amendment is passed, a food truck zone will be operated so that citizens can enjoy Sincheon’s riverbank area as a space for socializing and enjoying a view of the water with food or coffee.


Accessibility to Sincheon will also be improved by building a road that connects the stream’s vicinity (which was thus not road-accessible) with existing road infrastructure. Sincheondong-ro, which was prone to flooding and related accidents during the monsoon season, will be adjusted in size and structure to secure an adequately-sized waterfront area. Ultimately, Sincheon’s vicinity will be restored as much as possible to its natural state to allow the stream to function as it would in a 100% natural setting.


       Creation of sustainable and future-driven administrative system for Sincheon vicinity

Thus far, Sincheon was managed by the River Management Agency of six districts/counties, resulting in an absence of streamlined development due to the arbitrary installation of facilities (e.g. exercise equipment) per administrative district, many of which are redundant. To improve this situation, the management authority for Sincheon will be changed to DMC (through legal amendment).


The multi-party management system, in which facilities were managed by the district/county office that ordered its installation, will be integrated into a single-party system. Furthermore, to minimize the discomfort felt by citizens due to multiple and simultaneous construction activities (for uninstalling and/or re-installing), an administrative system will be created that serves as the control tower for all construction work conducted at Sincheon.

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