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Daegu's 10 Best Dishes

Ten Flavors of Daegu, a foodie capital

Ten Flavors of Daegu

Ten signature foods of Daegu

Enjoy the fun of seeking out attractions and restaurants in Daegu just for the mouth-watering food!

  • Daegu yukgaejang or ttarogukbap (Daegu-style spicy beef soup)

    The frontrunner of thick and spicy soups

  • Makchang gui (grilled beef intestines)

    A favorite grilled dish that is often paired with a drink

  • Mungtigi (fresh beef tartare or sliced raw bottom round steak)

    The chewiness of raw beef

  • Dongin-dong Jjimgalbi (Dongindong-style spicy stewed beef ribs)

    Extremely spicy short ribs!

  • Nonmegi Maeuntang (spicy catfish stew)

    A spicy and filling fish stew

  • Bogeo bulgogi (barbequed blowfish)

    Blowfish coated in spicy seasoning

  • Nureun guksu (Daegu-style noodle soup)

    Flat dough noodles served in a refreshing anchovy broth

  • Muchimhoe (spicy raw fish salad)

    A spicy version of sashimi that is best when paired with a drink

  • Yaki udon

    A feast of seafood and vegetables

  • Napjak mandu (flat dumplings)

    Flattened, flavorful dumplings