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Major Policies

Three municipal goals

  • Rebuild Daegu to prepare the foundations for another 50 years of prosperity
  • Revolutionize methods of municipal administration to usher in an “age of transformation” in Daegu
  • Create a city open to the world through “Global Daegu”

Seven key initiatives

  • Construction of a new, integrated Daegu-Gyeongbuk airport and an affiliated industrial complex
  • Construction of “Venture Valley” at Dongdaegu-ro; restructuring/streamlining of the Daegu National Industrial Complex
  • Dubai-style redevelopment of the airport’s vacant lot; securing of a level of transportation infrastructure that will make it possible to reach the new airport in 20 minutes from most locations in Daegu
  • Construction of a cutting-edge, international urban center filled with cultural content
  • Creation of the “Geumhogang River Renaissance”
  • Creation of the “Clear Water Highway”
  • Construction of a future-oriented metropolitan city