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Friendship Cities

Métropole Européene de Lille/Lille, France – since November 8, 2019

Located in northern France, the Métropole Européene de Lille is a European transportation hub and one of the 17 métropoles in France. It is the fourth largest urban area in France after Paris, Lyon, and Marseille. With a population of 230,000, Lille is the main city in the Métropole Européenne de Lille, which consists of 90 communes. Designated 2020 World Design Capital, Lille has transformed itself from an industrial center with vibrant commerce and textile industry in the past to a mecca of digital industry, currently home to EuraTechnologies, and is on its way to become a smart industrial city.

  • Location : Northern France
  • Population : 1.2 million (Lille Metropole)/ 230,000 (Lille)
  • Area : 647 km2(Lille Metropole), 39 km2 (Lille)