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Friendship Cities

Bac Ninh Province, Vietnam – since February 22, 2019

Located near the border of China, Bac Ninh lies on a major traffic artery linking Vietnam and China via railway, and it is a major logistics hub in Vietnam. Following the recent trade disputes between the United States and China, Samsung has built a mobile device plant in the province and other Korean enterprises such as Hanhwa have relocated to Bac Ninh. Of the provinces 16 industrial complexes and over 1,200 foreign-invested enterprises, 65 percent are Korean. As a satellite province of Hanoi, the political capital of Vietnam, Bac Ninh has administrative advantages as well as the strengths of a logistics hub with roadways and proximity to an airport and a port. It is one of the fastest growing provinces with an annual average GDP growth rate of 19.1 percent.

  • Location : Northern Vietnam
  • Population : 1.22 million
  • Area : 823 km2