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City slogan

City slogan

Happy Citizens

“Happy citizens” expresses the desire to build a tightly knit and happy community that looks after the interests and lives of all citizens.

Proud Daegu

“Proud Daegu” expresses the desire to create a city that all citizens can be proud of—a city that preserves Daegu’s rich culture and allows the dreams of its youth to come true by achieving a second “economic renaissance” through the innovation of its industrial structure.

City goals

City goals
City Goals Sector(s) Aim
City of opportunity Economy, industry, and youth A city that attracts people and corporations and is able to support the dreams and endeavors of its young citizens through continuous innovation
City of human warmth Health/welfare, women, children, and adolescents A A warm, tightly knit community that cares for the socially disadvantaged and is inclusive of all citizens
Pleasant city Environment, safety, transportation, and urban infrastructure A foundation for citizens’ lives that provides a safe, clean, and pleasant environment and promotes balanced development
Happy city Culture, tourism, sports, and education A city in which culture flows through everyday life “like a river” and learning is not a privilege but a necessity
City of participation Communication/ innovation and coexistence A city in which ownership belongs to the citizens and the driving force of development is communication/cooperation with citizens