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Quality education

A city of higher education cultivating the skilled manpower of tomorrow

  • 53 universities with 70,000 graduates (17,000 engineering graduates) each year
  • Daegu International School with 580 foreign students (opened in August 2010)
  • Specialized universities: DGIST (IT·BT·NT·MT), Kyungpook National University (electronics, electrics, mobile), Yeungnam University (machinery, textiles), Keimyung University (automobiles, biology), Daegu University (oriental medicine)
  • 600 engineering professors collaborating with businesses at 135 R&D centers (4,800 researchers)
  • Cultivation of highly skilled manpower through university-industry collaboration (establishment of the Department of Mobile Engineering by Samsung Electronics at Kyungpook National University in 2011.)
  • Competitive labor costs (70% that of the Seoul Metropolitan Area) and a low turnover rate (2.04%, as of 2007)