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Seongseo 5th Industrial Complex

5th Seongseo Industrial Complex

Cutting-edge industrial belt in the southeastern part of Korea

The 5th Seongseo Industrial Complex is located in the center of Daegu along with Daegu Technopolis and the National Industrial Complex and maintains a strong business network with its predecessor, the Seongseo Industrial Complex. Also known for its connections with many of the area’s R&D centers, the 5th Seongseo Industrial Complex is one of the region’s best and most eco-friendly industrial complexes.
  • Location: Secheon-ri, Dasa-eup, Dalseong-gun, Daegu City
  • Area: 1,466,629㎡ (industrial use: 46%, parks and green areas: 21%, public facilities: 20%, other: 13%)
  • Project period: January 2007–June 2012
  • Targeted business sectors: machinery, metals, electronics and electrics, information and communications, medical industry

Cutting-edge industrial cluster with educational and research facilities

  • Industrial base : Located within close proximity (3km) to the Seongseo Industrial Complex (3.26 million pyeong), the complex offers a strong business network and forms a cutting-edge industrial belt together with neighboring Daegu Technopolis and Daegu National Industrial Park.
  • Educational institutions: Kyungpook National University and Keimyung University (etc.) participating in university-industry research collaborations

Eco-friendly industrial complex within the city

Overlooking the beautiful natural environment of Geumhogang River and Gungsan Mountain, 21% of the complex is comprised of parks and green areas, minimizing its greenhouse gas emissions

Convenient transportation

  • 10 km from downtown Daegu, near multiple stations of subway line no. 2
  • 10 minutes to the expressway (Gyeongbu, Jungang, Guma and No. 88 expressways)
  • 15 km to Daegu International Airport, Dong Daegu Station, and EXCO
  • 30 minutes to the Gumi Industrial Complex, and one hour to Pohang, Ulsan and Busan New Ports

Seongseo 5th Industrial Complex