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Major Policies

Daegu’s Blueprint & Roadmap for the Future

Daegu will establish a “2030 Basic City Plan”, a brand for the city, a vision and roadmap for the future of Daegu and reach for these dreams together with you.

  • Establish the 2030 Basic City Plan
  • Develop a new city brand
  • Announce the city’s future vision and roadmap for implementation
  • Construction of a new airport for the Yeongnam Region

Innovation of Daegu’s economic structure and advancement of traditional industries

Daegu’s economic structure will be changed so the city becomes an industrial powerhouse that is more environmentally-friendly and high-tech, and its institutional capacity utilized for the structural advancement of traditional industries and development of strong SMEs.

  • Strengthen global competitiveness of the water industry
  • Recreate Daegu to be a city that uses clean energy
  • Develop strong SMEs
  • Create a leading futuristic car industry
  • Build a hub for the global medical industry
  • Nurture future industries that utilize the IoT (Internet-of-Things)
  • Bring innovation to obsolete industrial complexes and construct new ones
  • Structurally improve traditional industries

Create a younger and more dynamic “Daegu for Youth”

  • Strengthen the environment for entrepreneurship
  • Promote communication with and culture for the youth
  • Increase the number of projects supporting local university stud
  • Create a street specifically for youth culture
  • Attract large conglomerates and multinational companies
  • Create high-quality jobs

Support promotion of the social economy together with the people

  • Specialize traditional markets and enhance the vitality of commercial alleyways
  • Strengthen financial support for small businesses and SMEs
  • Develop and foster social enterprises

Pursue policies oriented to citizen happiness

  • Run “Dudeuriso” (for civil complaints)” and a “120 Dalgubeol Call Center”
  • Establish welfare criteria for Daegu citizens
  • Enhance access to public transportation for vulnerable groups
  • Bring innovation to a semi-public local bus system
  • Bridge the educational divide, foster creativity, and develop the personalities of youth
  • Support young people outside school
  • Implement government policy requiring workplace nurseries and increase national and public daycare facilities
  • Set up facilities for people to find relief during heat waves
  • Create more neighborhood green parks and theme parks
  • Construct green “healing” spaces
  • Reduce traffic accidents by 30%
  • Construct an infrastructure that prevents accidents and incidents
  • Resolve old tasks
  • Remove blind areas near urban railways
  • Complete an Intermodal Transport Center at Dongdaegu Station and repair base facilities
  • Build Seodaegu KTX station and a Daegu intercity rail

Make Daegu a city for cultural tourism that is filled with joy in daily life

  • “2016 – The Year for Chinese Tourists to Daegu and the Gyeongbuk Region”
  • Make preparations to accommodate 10 million tourists per year
  • Promote Daegu International Airport
  • Promote a “Living Arts” program
  • Expand the city’s infrastructure for sports

Construct a metropolitan economic community for the Southern region that is beneficial for all

  • Strengthen “One Root”: mutually-beneficial cooperation between Daegu and Gyeongbuk
  • Promote a ”Moonlight Alliance” between Daegu and Gwangju
  • Pursue relocation of Daegu’s intake water plant
  • Create a metropolitan economic community for the Southern region

Promote policy innovation through communication and governance

  • Strengthen administration on communication and governance
  • Adopt new ”Clean City” policies
  • Innovate city administration: make it more performance-based