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Friendship Cities

Shaoxing (绍兴), China – since October 26, 2015

A city located in the northcentral region of Zhejiang Province, Shaoxing is an ancient cultural city with 2,500 years of history. It was the capital city of the State of Yue, where the Chinese idiom “sleep on brushwood and taste gall” (endure hardships to take revenge) originated, and is also the hometown of the former premier Zhou Enlai and Lu Xun, the father of modern Chinese literature. Shaoxing is also famous for huangjiu, or yellow wine, and is known as the city of calligraphy and bridges. The Keqiao Textile Wholesale Market, which is the largest textile market in China, is located in Shaoxing, whose major industries include textile, chemical engineering, metalworking, and pearl. The city is currently fostering advanced equipment, new materials, electronic information, and pharmaceutical industries as four key emerging industries.

  • Location : north central Zhejiang Province
  • Population : 5.01 million
  • Area : 8,256 km2