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Dongdaegu Station Plaza’s public design recognized by International Design Awards
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City’s largest gateway transformed through addition of seating, shaded areas, and stylized potted areas


The Dongdaegu Station Plaza Public Design Project, which was opened up by Daegu Metropolitan City (DMC) in October 2022 to civic participation, received Honorable Mention at International Design Awards (IDA) 2022.


Dongdaegu Station Plaza Public Design Project


Of the 4,000 projects submitted for IDA 2022, DMC’s project was awarded in the Professional component in addition to the honor of being named as an Official Selection, a title given to the most representative submissions of the awards.


The IDA is a prestigious design contest based in the United States which selects high-quality examples of design each year in five disciplines (fashion, graphic, architecture, interior, product).


Professor Lee Kyung-yong (College of Music and Visual Arts, Kyungpook National University), who was responsible for the design concept, said, “The concept for the plaza was ‘visualization of much-awaited rain,’ or ‘danbi’ in Korean. Just as rain drops form ripples when they fall, which result in beautiful and harmonious shapes, I tried to embody the creative energy of Daegu’s urban spaces and culture in this space, which is used by Daegu residents as well as outside visitors. The citation from the IDA will make Dongdaegu Station Plaza even more meaningful as an elegant example of public design in Daegu.”


Through the “Danbi Project,” the plaza was equipped with plenty of seats and pergolas for locals and tourists to relax as well as stylized potted areas planted with Chinese fringetrees. The lights, which are turned on at night, offer a very different view from the plaza’s daytime appearance for all visitors.


Kwon O-hwan, the head of DMC’s Urban Housing Division, said, “Dongdaegu Station Plaza, which serves as a gateway to Daegu, has become a place with plenty of things for visitors to see and do. The award from the IDA will increase awareness of Daegu, both inside and outside Korea, as a stronghold of public design. We will continue to provide residents with spaces that whose value is enhanced by high-quality public designs.”

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