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Dongdaegu Station Plaza reborn as public art
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Dongdaegu Station Plaza, a major gateway to Daegu, revamped into symbolic public art design

The plaza of Dongdaegu Station, a major gateway to Daegu, was recently re-designed with a motif (“Concentric raindrop circles”) that embodies the city’s energy and vibrant way of life.


Dongdaegu Station Plaza



Daegu Metropolitan City recently unveiled the outcome of its public art-centric renovation (which was conducted from May through October) of Dongdaegu Station Plaza into a seamless amalgam of nature and art.


Professor Lee Kyung-yong (College of Music and Visual Arts, Kyungpook National University), who is responsible for the concept of this most recent public artwork, said, “Just as rain drops form ripples when they fall, which result in beautiful and harmonious shapes, I tried to embody the creative energy of Daegu’s urban spaces and culture in this space, which is used by Daegu residents as well as outside visitors.” Lee explained that the design concept for the plaza was “visualization of timely, much-awaited rain.”


Through the new design, Dongdaegu Station Plaza has become an artistic space that blends nature and public design, as embodied in its rest areas, landscaped areas, and (night) light content.


The plaza now has plenty of seats, pergolas, and potted areas as large as 12 meters in diameter planted with Chinese fringetrees that will allow locals and tourists to take a restful break at Dongdaegu Station in shaded, nature-filled areas. The lights, which are turned on at night, offer a very different view from the plaza’s daytime appearance for all visitors.


Now, people can enjoy the renovated environment of Dongdaegu Station through the plaza instead of simply hurrying past it. Indeed, people are already starting to spend time in Dongdaegu Station Plaza by sitting under the donut-shaped pergolas to chat with their neighbors or walk around the Chinese fringetrees.


The plaza will also serve as a cultural space by hosting diverse events and performances that are open to all residents.


In November, the plaza will feature a “Hello Daegu! Powerful Daegu” pavilion that promotes DMC’s future goals and Daegu’s historical and economic assets (e.g. new future industries, attractions of Daegu). There will also be events that foster interaction with citizens, such as classical music concerts.


Director Kwon O-hwan of DMC’s Urban Housing Division said, “Dongdaegu Station Plaza, which serves as a gateway to Daegu, has become a more elegant space that offers more for visitors to see and do. I hope it can be a popular rest area for locals and tourists alike and, ultimately, a landmark of Daegu.”

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