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Daegu Takes a Great First Step toward Achieving Carbon Neutrality by 2050 with 13.3% Reduction in Greenhouse Gas Emissions in 2021
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The only city in South Korea to make profit by selling GHG emission rights


Daegu Metropolitan City is spurring the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050.


Landfill Gas Recovery Facility



The calculation of the amount of greenhouse gas reduction in 2021 revealed that Daegu has reduced a total of 1.52 million tons of greenhouse gases. This amount is equivalent to 13.3% of the greenhouse gas emissions expected to be produced in 2021 emission forecast (11.46 million tons), meaning that Daegu has exceedded the original target of 12% (1.32 million tons) reduction.


Mainly Daegu was able to reduce 310,000 tons of greenhouse gas through the citizen-led carbon point system; 560,000 tons through the supply of city gas and renewable energy; and 470,000 tons through the supply of eco-friendly vehicles such as electric cars and increased share of pedestrian traffic. These can be seen as the result of achievements all around, from citizens’ action projects to local government support projects for greenhouse gas reduction in Daegu.


In July 2010, Daegu established its own master plan for addressing climate change for the first time among local governments in South Korea, raising climate change response to the municipal agenda. In addition, Daegu was the first and the only city to calculate and disclose the amount of greenhouse gas reduction since 2020. In these ways, Daegu has been responding to the climate crisis one step faster than other local governments in the country.


Daegu was also the first in the country to join the Race to Zero (RtZ), a global decarbonization campaign, in 2021. By the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), a global ESG evaluation index, the city received the Leadership Rating (A-)* in 2021 and gained international recognition. Daegu plans to register its GHG reduction results in the CDP.

* Ratings: Leadership (A, A-), Management (B, B-), Awareness (C, C-), Disclosure (D, D-)

  ※ The global average rating in 2021: D; average for East Asia: D-


Daegu has also been the first local government to join the Landfill Gas Recovery Project, which is a Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) project recognized by the UN, since 2007, and to implement the greenhouse gas emission trading system, which is a GHG reduction system city-owned environmental infrastructure. Through these two projects, the city has secured a total of KRW 58 billion in revenue.


The city, in particular, was the only metropolitan city in South Korea to generate revenue from the sale of emission rights in 2021.


In the public sector greenhouse gas target management system for public buildings and facilities such as the city headquarters and fire stations, Daegu achieved a GHG reduction rate of 55% in 2021, significantly exceeding the government’s GHG reduction target of 32%.


In addition to achieving the GHG reduction rate of 49% (much higher than the central government’s GHG reduction target of 30%) last year, Daegu was ranked the first among all metropolitan cities in terms of the amount of GHG reduction in the public sector for five consecutive years (2017 to 2021), thereby establishing itself as the “Citizen-Centered, Leading Carbon Neutral City.”


“Carbon neutrality is becoming an issue that will change the landscape of people’s daily lives and economic activities,” remarked Hong Seong-ju, the head of Daegu’s Green Environment Bureau. We will prepare for carbon neutrality so that we can turn the climate crisis into an opportunity for Daegu’s future prosperity.”

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