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The Firefighting Industry Takes a Leap Forward, the 18th International Fire and Safety Expo Korea to Begin on August 31
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For three days, starting on August 31 (Wed), see the future of the firefighting industry at EXCO!


The 18th International Fire Safety Expo, the largest international expo on fire safety in South Korea, will be held at EXCO in Daegu from August 31 (Wed) to September 2 (Fri).


Poster for the 18th International Fire and Safety Expo Korea



Co-hosted by Daegu Metropolitan City and the National Fire Agency, and organized by the Korea Fire Institute, EXCO, KOTRA, and the Korea Fire Industry Association, this year’s event is the largest firefighting industry-specialized expo in Korea. With the participation of 357 institutions and organizations operating 1,223 booths, it will be the largest such expo ever to be held in the country.


Under the slogan of the “Firefighting industry leaping forward in the era of firefighting 4.0,” the exhibition will showcase advanced fire safety equipment that incorporate the 4th Industrial Revolution technology, such as quadruped search robot and hydrogen drone, virtual reality (VR) experience, international conferences, academic seminars on fire safety, policy promotions, and export consultations.


Additionally, in order to strengthen on-site response capabilities through the introduction of excellent equipment and to support efficient purchase of firefighting equipment, the 3rd Central Firefighting Equipment Fair will be held for 101 companies to introduce 1,287 items of 327 types in nine fields.


In particular, the expo will be reborn as a festival to be enjoyed together with others by preparing various side events that were reduced last year due to the Covid 19-pandemic, as well as children's fire safety programs, outdoor exhibition and demonstration of fire fighting vehicles, a concert by the central fire band concert, and various competitions.


“The International Fire Safety Expo is a specialized expo for the firefighting industry that would help its development and help Korea become a stable and advanced country, since the 2003 Daegu subway fire,“ said Jeong Nam-gu, the head of the Daegu Fire Department. He added, “I ask for your interest and participation so that this year’s expo may play a pivotal role not only in fostering the firefighting industry, but also in enhancing the peoples’ awareness of safety and spreading a culture of safety.


More details about the 18th International Fire and Safety Expo Korea can be found on its website (, and visitors are welcomed to attend.

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