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Daegu Arts Center hosts World Music Series
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Diverse international music content to be featured from August 26 through 28


The Daegu Arts Center (DAC) will be hosting the DAC World Music Series (Aug. 26~28, 2022) at Palgong Hall, featuring 10 prominent international bands from Korea and five other countries (Portugal, Finland, Denmark, Chile, Cameroon) who specialize in mixing traditional and popular/contemporary music.




□ “World music” refers to music in regions and countries other than mainstream American or British pop. The DAC announced that the purpose of the event is two-fold: 1) to introduce high-quality world music content to Daegu’s citizens and 2) facilitate exchanges between Daegu-based world music performers and those from other countries.


□ The World Music Series will feature 10 bands (five from Korea, five from overseas), each of whom will give Korean audiences fun and unique experiences of music that is rarely performed at conventional concert halls.


○ The five Korean bands are as follows: Leenalchi, a crossover & modern band that is currently exceedingly popular with domestic audiences; Torys, which is gaining visibility for its blending of traditional Korean music and acapella; Vinalog, which is comprised of young musicians of traditional Korean and new age band music from Daegu and Seoul; and the “neotraditional Korean music ensemble” Badi and Narsha, both of which are made up of young Daegu-based musicians and specialize in crossovers between traditional Korean music and diverse modern genres.


○ The bands from outside Korea (Denmark: Horse Orchestra, Portugal: Deltas, Finland: Ida Elina, Chile: Camila y Silvio, Cameroon: Stéphane Akam) are already gaining attention for having passed a strict screening jointly conducted with the international world music festival/music market Seoul Music Week.


○ The performances will be made even more enjoyable through the stationing of food trucks in the DAC’s outdoor area.


□ Through the World Music Series, the DAC hopes to significantly expand the exposure given to performers of traditional music and create an environment that is conducive for the general public to enjoy traditional music from all over the world in diverse ways.


□ Director Kim Hyeong-guk of the DAC said, “The DAC will continue to, on a foundation of traditional music, give citizens opportunities to enjoy world music content through collaborations with Korean and foreign world music artists. As a performing arts venue that is representative of Daegu, a UNESCO City of Music, we will make every effort to make Koreans better informed of the merits of traditional music through active international exchanges.”


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