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Daegu Travel Guide Challenge
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A mobile-based tour program held from June 28 (Tues) to November


  In response to the growing number of tourists since the lifting of social distancing measures, Daegu Metropolitan City and the Daegu Tourism Organization selected 30 representative tourist destinations in Daegu to host the Daegu Travel Guide Challenge from June 28 (Tuesday) to the end of November.


Poster for the Daegu Travel Guide Challenge



People can participate in the “Daegu Travel Guide Challenge” simply by registering on the Daegu Challenge website and allowing access to their phone’s GPS location, so that they can visit the 30 selected tourist destinations in Daegu and scan the QR code (banner) to complete a “quiz” mission at each location.


The 30 tourist destinations include the Daegu Modern Alley, Cheongna Hill, Donghwasa Temple, which are the most widely known tourist destinations in Daegu, as well as new tourist attractions such as Dongseongno Spark Land and the V Mural Street. In addition, local traditional markets such as Seomun Market and Chilseong Market, and food-themed streets including Anjirang Gopchang (beef and pork tripe) Alley and Muchimhoe (spicy raw fish salad) Alley are also on the list to attract tourists via the Daegu Travel Guide Challenge.”


Once each “quiz” mission is completed, participants will immediately receive various mobile coupons worth between KRW 2,000 and KRW 30,000, which can be used at convenience stores, coffee shops, or gas stations.


Additionally, a monthly raffle will be held for those who visit at least 20 out of the 30 tourist destinations and those who participate in the survey to give prizes such as vouchers for hotels and tickets for amusement parks in Daegu.


The “Daegu Travel Guide Challenge” will be held from June 28 to the end of November, and it may end early if all of the prepared prizes are given out due to the increase in the number of participants. More details can be found on the Challenge Tour website ( and the official Daegu tourism blog (


"This year’s Daegu Travel Guide Challenge will provide an opportunity for people to revisit well-known tourist destinations in Daegu, and I believe the new sights will be popular day-outing destinations for families and couples," remarked Park Hee-jun, Director General of Daegu’s Culture, Sports and Tourism Bureau. He added, “We hope to identify and discover new tourism content and keep on planning events that travelers can enjoy and participate in.”

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