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The 20th Daegu International Optical Show (DIOPS 2022) Opens at June 22
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With anticipation of the pandemic turning into an endemic, 134 optics companies will participate with 350 booths and introduce new products such as voice caddie.


2021 Daegu International Optical Show



As anticipation for the endemic helped global eye optics exhibitions such as MIDO Eyewear Show (Milan, Italy) and OPTI (Munich, Germany) prove their success, people have growing expectations for the 20th Daegu International Optical Show (DIOPS).


With products such as eyeglass frame, sunglass, eyeglass lens, contact lens, devices, and accessories, 134 domestic and overseas optics companies have confirmed their participation. So far, about 2,000 domestic and foreign buyers, including 102 from 23 overseas countries, have completed pre-registration.


DIOPS, now turning into a brand exhibition, is attracting attention with the participation of famous domestic and foreign eyewear brands. Its 5 Hall Brand Pavilion will have EFIS Special Exhibition organized by 20 famous overseas brands such as Respect Eyewear (Deu Mea &), Maru ITC (Yellow Plus), MYKITA, and Oikos Eyewear (Lafont) and domestic house brands. In addition, house brand companies such as World Trend (Frank Custom), H2C Design (KNOUUN), Phantom Optical (Plume), Hube Eyewear (Plasta), JCS International (CLROTTE), and Jungs Optical (VYCOZ) will present new products at DIOP.


The 6 Hall Technology Pavilion will accommodate device, lens, and accessory companies with new technologies and products such as contact lens manufacturers including Moonshot and Full Moon and optics-related equipment manufacturers including  Eyemi Optical (sludge equipment), Huvitz (optical equipment), Shinil Optical (optical equipment), and Pora Opto (LCD optometry equipment), POTECH (auto optometric equipment), as well as convergence technology companies such as Interbiz (virtual fitting solution) and KAGA FEI Korea (retinal projection vision aid).


Moreover, various special halls such as Daegu Buk-gu Best Company Hall, Eyenshop & Eyewear Korea Promotion Hall, Small Business Special Hall, Eye Vil Advanced Equipment Center Promotion Hall, and Metaverse Experience Hall will be established to showcase the new technologies of the optics industry and present growth potential of the convergence technology items.


The 2022 DIOPS will put more focus on conference programs. On the first day of the exhibition, June 22 (Wednesday), there will be seminars for “3D Technology Trend and Case Study” and “Global Optics Conference”, and on the second day, June 23 (Thursday), for “2022 Optics Innovation Growth and Youth Job Education” and “Analysis of the Trend and Prospect of the Convergence Optics Industry.”


At the Global Optics Conference, which aims to present new directions and prospect the future of optics industry in line with the growth of the future eyeware market that requires convergence with other industries, Geonbok Lee of Microsoft Korea and Anne Sophie Frenove of Cosmo Connected will make presentations under the theme of “Present and Future Visions of Smart Glasses.”


And next, Jongpil Kim, the CEO of Design Shower and the representative of the 1st generation of Korea's eyewear designer, will make a speech and present a plan to foster eyeware designers to boost Korea as an eyewear design powerhouse.


On June 23 (Thursday) at 2 PM, a seminar will be held under the theme of “Analysis of the Trend and Prospect of the Convergence Optics Industry.” The lecturers will consist of prominent domestic scholars and researchers.


The first lecture will be given by Professor Woontack Woo of Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, the most prominent scholar in domestic metaverse study, under the theme of “the Future of the Optics Industry in the Metaverse Era,” and the second lecture will be given by Dr. Gibong Song of the Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute, an expert of smart glasses and convergence technology, under the theme of “Understanding the Optics Technology Required for Smart Glasses.”


In particular, Professor Woo, who have suggested the future direction of the optics industry, predicts that the industry will grow into a convergence business through the connection with the metaverse, advanced ICT technology, and other industries.


Based on the research result of “Analysis of the Trend and Prospect of the Convergence Optics Industry,” this seminar is expected to provide an opportunity to seek measures for technological innovation and cooperative research and present future vision and development strategies for the optics industry through convergence with metaverse.


Seven optician associations, including those from Busan, Daegu, Daejeon, Ulsan, Chungbuk, Gyeongbuk, and Gyeongnam, signed an MOU with the Korea Optical Industry Agency to arrange group visits. The visits to the exhibition will account for 4 points in optician complementary education course, so it is expected the opticians will actively participate in the event.


DIOPS of this year will be held as a hybrid exhibition that combines online and offline. The Online DIOPS will open on June 22, the opening day of the exhibition, and you can check it on the DIOPS’s official website even after the close of the exhibition.


In addition, an overseas live commerce session will be in place to promote the excellence of Korean eyewear brands and raise brand awareness. During the exhibition period, foreign reporters’ interview with companies and products introduction will be broadcast live on YouTube. Even after the exhibition is over, the video will be provided to companies for use in domestic and overseas marketing.


As part of the “Korea Eyeware Industry Advancement Project,” non-face-to-face (online) export consultation sessions will be held during the DIOPS period to help companies meet foreign buyers who have difficulties in visiting the exhibition. Participating companies are provided with the opportunities to have the consultation session if they want. The session is expected to help the companies expand their export channels.


The Korea Optical Industry Agency (Director Gwangsik Jin), the host of DIOPS, will hold the “DIOPS Ambassador Appointment Ceremony” to promote the event, the only optics industry exhibition in Korea. The appointment ceremony will be held during the opening ceremony on Wednesday, June 22, and a Daegu-born singer, Solomon Lee, who took third place in the TV contest show Tomorrow’s National Singer will be appointed as the honorary ambassador.


Meanwhile, to mark the 20th anniversary of the 1st DIOPS (DIOPS 2001), the DIOPS Merit Award (Award by Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy) to appreciate participating companies, buyers, and stakeholders for their contribution to the development of the DIOPS.


Daegu-si Mayor Youngjin Gwon said, “The exhibition is even more meaningful as it is held at a time when the trade barriers blocked by Covid-19 are being eased. We will support the exhibition by gathering wisdom and power to make sure the participating companies can go back with the results that meet their expectations.”


The 20th DIOPS will be held from June 22 (Wed) to 24 (Fri) at the Daegu EXCO East Building (new building). For more information, visit the official website ( or contact the secretariat (

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