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Daegu appears to be one with most commercial districts selected for Technology Distribution Program to Smart Stores
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( T. 120)

Seven commercial districts of Daegu selected for the program in 2022, along with 15 others from other high-level local governments


It is reported that seven commercial districts (with a total 466 stores) of Daegu were selected for the Program for Technology Distribution to Smart Stores in 2022. Thus, Daegu has become the No.1 high-level local government with the largest number of commercial districts selected for the said program sponsored by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups (MSS) this year. Those in Daegu selected are: six commercial districts in Dalseo-gu, Nam-gu, Buk-gu and Dong-gu plus one association, i.e. Korean Optometric Association.


List of those selected (7)

- Commercial districts (6): Anjirang Gopchang (Beef Tripe) District (in Nam-gu), New City Hall Duryu Food Town (in Dalseo-gu), Dakddongjip (Chicken Gizzard) District in Pyeonghwa Market/an area close to Sinam Cathedral in Dong-gu), Bokhyeon Intersection Food Town/Dongbyeon-dong Food Town/Hakjeong-dong District (in Buk-gu)

- Commercial Association (1): The Daegu Branch of Korean Optometric Association


The City of Daegu had the commercial districts/associations within it apply for the said program, which was started last year, and thus eleven commercial districts such as Bukseongro District, Hamjisan Meokgol Village, Daegu Distribution Complex, Wolbae New Market, etc. have adopted smart technology as part of the effort for local micro enterprises’ digital conversion.


Major technologies included in the Technology Distribution Program

- Crucial technologies: Kiosk, Tablet Table Order, Smart Mirror, Robot-related technologies (Serving robot/Frying robot, etc.)

- Basic technologies: QR and app-based smart order, digital menu board


Serving robot



Micro enterprise owners and visitors in the commercial districts, which adopted the said program last year, speak highly of it. The owner (identified only as “Mr. B) of a restaurant in Dong-gu, for one, said.  “During the last two years, I had a very bad time due to COVID-19 and I seriously considered closing the business. As luck would have it, I had an opportunity to alter the business environment, using smart technology like Kiosk, and it enabled me to start all over again. I feel very grateful.”


The City of Daegu plans to continue to distribute customized smart technology fit for individual stores/specific types of business sectors by exploring more smart stores in step with the central government’s support for micro enterprises focusing on the strengthening of their potential, while helping them make advances into diverse online markets.


Commenting on the matter, Director General Jeong Eui-gwan of the Economic Affairs Bureau, the City of Daegu said, “Those in commercial districts are experiencing great difficulties amid the spread of non-face-to-face consumption. We’ll strive to explore the districts, where smart technology can be applied, and help the owners of micro enterprises build their digital capability so that they may continue to grow.”

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