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Refresh Your Body and Mind in Nature within the City: Welcome to Natural Daegu Tours
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Daegu offers Natural Daegu tour programs for enjoying nature in the city, including green tour and ecology tour


Daegu Metropolitan City and the Daegu Tourism Organization is offering Natural Daegu tour programs centered on Daegu’s natural and ecological resources for tourists and locals to enjoy in the upcoming summer season.


Poster for the Natural Daegu Tours



This year’s Natural Daegu Tours consist of four eco-friendly tour courses (Green Road, Eco-Road, River Road, and Well Road), which will allow participants to get away from the busy city for a moment to enjoy the relaxing natural environment and ecotourism sites. In addition, each tour course offers physically healthy experience in a special place in nature.


The tours were planned to expand the charm of Daegu’s tourism from the city to the surrounding nature in an effort to turn Daegu into a mecca for natural eco-tourism. They will provide a refreshing look at Daegu's hidden nature every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from June to mid-July, when the heatwave begins. It is designed so that you can enjoy its charm.


In particular, the tours will be operated in connection with the Daegu City Tour (run by the Daegu Tourism Association), which explores Daegu’s downtown area, to enhance the convenience of tourists. Moreover, the city will cooperate with the association to continue operating the new tour courses in the future.


Along with the Natural Daegu Tours, special events will be offered as well, including the “Goodness Challenge” and “Walk-a-thon” for tourists to freely explore the tour courses on their own.


The “Goodness Challenge” is an online event that encourages environmental conservation in everyday life. Participants will share their reviews of using multi-use items instead of disposable products on Instagram, and prizes, such as hotel dining vouchers, will be awarded through random drawings.


The “Walk-a-thon” is a program, where participants will walk an entire tour course. Participants who walk at least half of the given course using the WalkON app will receive gift vouchers for coffee on a first-come, first-served basis.


Information on how to participate in the tours and other programs is available when you search for “Natural Daegu” in the search bar or on the Daegu Tourism Organization website. Those who wish to participate in the tours can make reservations on internet tourism platforms, such as My Real Trip and Good Choice.


“We have prepared ecological tour programs in Daegu for the tourists who have been fatigued by the COVID-19 pandemic,” remarked Park Hee-jun, Director General of Daegu’s Culture, Sports and Tourism Bureau. He added, “I hope that these sustainable and eco-friendly tours will help raise awareness of environmental conservation and that Daegu can naturally blend into people’s daily lives as an ecotour destination.”

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