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The Olympics for the Global Gas Industry Opens in Daegu!
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From May 24 (Tues) to 27 (Fri), 58 sessions including keynote presentations and summit conversations


The curtains for the 28th World Gas Conference opened at 10 am on May 24 (Tues) at EXCO in Daegu, with over 1,700 domestic and foreign key figures in attendance. Known as the Olympics of the gas industry, the World Gas Conference is attracting attention as it is the first face-to-face international event to be held in Korea in nearly two and a half years since the COVID-19 outbreak amid growing international interest in energy security.


The opening ceremony was attended by President Yoon Suk-yeol of the Republic of Korea, Daegu Mayor Kwon Young-jin, President Kang Joe-myung of the International Gas Union, World Gas Conference Organizing Committee Chairman Park Bong-gyu, as well as a number of officials from international organizations, including the 8th UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, Vice President Lee Yalan of the International Gas Union, Senior Vice President Mark Brownstein of Environmental Defense Fund, and International Energy Forum’s Secretary General Joseph McMonigle, and the World Petroleum Council President Pedro Miras Salamanca.



In addition, representatives from a number of the Fortune Global 500 companies, including BP (British Petroleum) (ranked 18), Shell (ranked 19), ExxonMobil (ranked 23), Mitsubishi (ranked 51), Total Energies (ranked 52), and Chevron (ranked 75), as well as leading global companies such as Qatar Gas, Cheniere, Tellurian, Emerson, Australia’s Woodside Energy, Oman LNG, and Malaysia’s Petronas, and Korean companies such as the GS Group, Korea National Oil Corporation, Hyundai Motor Company, POSCO Energy, Doosan Fuel Cell, and SK E&S were also in attendance.


The opening ceremony began with a video of two young children leading the attendees with fireflies to Daegu, the Land of Opportunity to open the door to the future together. The effect was also produced. Then the background in the video transitioned to a forest, with the effect of the scent of phytoncide spreading throughout the event hall.


In the final scene where the door to the future opens was the narration: “Daegu and the Republic of Korea have strong DNA for overcoming crises. We will overcome the energy crisis together with global leaders in Daegu by demonstrating our DNA for overcoming crises.” The video was met with a great applause from the attendees celebrating the opening of the World Gas Conference.


In his speech at the opening ceremony, President Yoon Suk-yeol said, “The Republic of Korea has achieved rapid growth and leaps unprecedented in world history, and the driving force behind it was a stable energy supply.” He emphasized the importance of the energy mix, such as renewable energy, natural gas, and nuclear power, for the sustainable growth of Korea and the international community. In addition, he introduced Daegu as the center of the future car industry, robot industry, and advanced medical industry, and ended his speech with his hope that the attendees would be able to enjoy the colorful charms and the unique atmosphere of Daegu during the World Gas Conference.


Following the opening ceremony, the opening ceremony for the WGC exhibition was held in the lobby of the exhibition hall on the first floor of EXCO with 25 guests, including Daegu Mayor Kwon Young-jin and Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy Lee Chang-yang, and a tape-cutting ceremony was held as well.


Of the companies located in the Daegu region, Korea Gas Corporation and Daesung Energy participated in this exhibition. In particular, HS Valve, an SME in Daegu that has achieved KRW 100 billion in sales with an expertise valves for LPG and high-pressure gas containers, also participated in the exhibition and drew people’s attention.


Starting with the opening ceremony, the Daegu World Gas Conference will be proceed with 58 conference sessions, exhibition, and industrial tours until May 27 (Fri). Reflecting the current international trend, energy security, as well as climate change and carbon neutrality, will be discussed as core agenda.


“So far, past World Gas Conferences have been held in the capital cities of host countries such as Washington DC, Paris, London, and Tokyo, for the most part,” explained Daegu Mayor Kwon Young-jin. “The fact that Daegu, instead of Seoul, is the first Korean host of the WGC has a great effect in rebranding our city. In particular, as more than 20,000 people are expected to visit our city during the event, we expect the WGC to breathe new vitality into local tourism, lodging, and MICE industries that have been shrunk by COVID-19.”


He added, “Just as Daegu has created a water cluster and aided in the development of the water industry by hosting the World Water Congress, I hope that Daegu will become a base for nurturing the domestic gas-related industries through the World Gas Conference.”

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