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Daegu’s Self-Driving Taxi Service Takes Off with Its First Customer!
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With all self-driving cars in the locality, Daegu hosts the Inauguration Ceremony for Paid Self-Driving Car Transportation Service


Daegu Metropolitan City finished about a month-long beta test for paid self-driving transportation service, and at 3:20 pm on January 5 (Wednesday) the Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute of Science and Technology (DGIST) will host the inauguration ceremony, announcing the start of the “Paid Transportation Service for Citizens.”


The inauguration ceremony will be held in conjunction with the city’s Vision Announcement Ceremony for the Shift to Future Vehicles, and it will be attended by Daegu Mayor Kwon Young-jin, Daegu City Council Chairman Jang Sang-soo, Director General for Motor Vehicles Policy Kim Jeong-hee from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, and DGIST President Kuk Young. The program for the ceremony will consist of a display and briefing about self-driving cars, presentation of a limited license for the paid transportation service, awarding of the certificate to the first customer, and a test drive of a self-driving car.




Prior to the ceremony, there will also be a unique exhibition of about 10 autonomous vehicles owned by local companies and institutions, displayed side by side in front of the event venue. The vehicles exhibited on this day are vehicles currently in operation: the 3D-printed self-driving shuttle Olli, a mobile autonomous driving control vehicle that controls the autonomous driving environment of Technopolis in real time, as well as Sonata, Kona, Ioniq, Lincoln, and other existing cars mounted with LiDAR or RADAR and converted into self-driving cars.


The paid self-driving transportation service is permitted only in areas designated as “pilot operation zones for autonomous driving motor vehicles” by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, based on the “Act on the Promotion and Support for Commercialization of Autonomous Driving Motor Vehicles.” In Daegu, Technopolis and the National Industrial Complex (17.1km2) and Suseong Alpha City (2.2km2) were designated as pilot operation zones.


The paid transportation service starts at Technopolis first, and the license for the transportation service along the “DGIST – Daegu Science Museum – Geum-ri, Yuga-eup” route (approx. 7.2km) is given to Sonnet, while the license for the transportation service along the “Posan Park – Ongnyeobong Intersection – Yuga Intersection – Jungni Intersection” route (approx. 4.3km) is given to SWM.


The honor of becoming the first passenger on the self-driving taxi was given to Shin Seung-seop (born in 1993), who was selected through a social media event hosted by Daegu. From now on, anyone who wishes to use the service can reserve and call a self-driving taxi via mobile app, and the service is available from 10 am to 5 pm, excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays.


In the first half of this year, Daegu plans to provide a paid shuttle transportation service that runs along the stretch of 7.2 kilometers from the Grand Park Station to Suseong Alpha City and Daegu Art Museum in the Suseong Alpha City area to solve the urban traffic problem in areas underserved by public transportation.


“Autonomous driving is a key technology that makes people’s lives safer and improves industrial efficiency such as transportation and logistics,” said Kim Jeong-hee, Director General for Motor Vehicles Policy at the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport. “The government will spare no policy effort to commercialize the autonomous driving technology to hasten and bring about the era of autonomous driving in the near future.”


Daegu Mayor Kwon Young-jin remarked, “With the launch of this transportation service in the pilot operation zones as an opportunity, we will develop Daegu’s Technopolis into South Korea’s Silicon Valley for autonomous driving where innovative companies grow and creative talents flock to.”

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