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Daegu’s Accessible Tourism To Be Reborn Through an Environmental Improvement Project
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Daegu creates accessible tourism environment for people with disabilities, elderly, pregnant women, and other tourists who have difficulty with mobility


Daegu Metropolitan City and the Daegu Tourism Association have begun the “Accessible Tourism* Environmental Development Project” for the 13 Accessible Tourist Attractions**. The project aims to create an environmental foundation for accessible tourism in an effort to turn Daegu into an accessible tourist destination for all, including people with disabilities, the elderly, pregnant women, and people who have mobility difficulties.

* Tourist activities in which the tourists are not inconvenienced in accessing and using tourist attractions, programs, and services.

** Accessible tourist attractions that Daegu developed in consideration of actual tourism demand based on surveys and research (13 tourist attractions)

- Daegu Arboretum

- National Daegu Meteorological Science Museum

- Daegu Museum of Education

- Hyangchon Cultural Center

- Daegu Art Factory

- Dalseong Wetland Eco Learning Center

- Samunjin History Park

- Daegu National Museum

- Daegu Art Museum

- E-World

- Daegu Samsung Lions Park

- Kim Kwang-Seok Street

- Daegu Safety Theme Park


Daegu conducted research for the development of an accessible tourism environment in the first half of the year to prepare a detailed plan to implement the project to create an environment for all tourists, regardless of their physical or mental limitations, to tour the city without experiencing inconvenience.


In the second half of the year, the city implemented the project for tourist attractions that requested participation by affixing Braille stickers and Braille signs for the visually impaired, providing wheelchairs and wheelchair (strollers) covers for people with mobility difficulties, and installing drains that prevent wheelchair wheels from getting trapped.


Braille stickers and braille signs



Installation of drains that prevent wheelchair wheels from getting trapped


Daegu has long recognized the need to create a tourism environment as the demand for accessible tourism increased and has been promoting various projects. In 2021, the city has identified “Thirteen Accessible Tourist Attractions” and enacted the “Ordinance on the Creation of Accessible Tourism Environment for All” in its efforts to turn Daegu into a tourism city that is accessible and enjoyable for all.


In addition, after the Jung-gu Modern History Streets (2015) was selected for the Open Tourism Project, which the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism has been promoting since 2015, Dalseong-gun Biseulsan Provincial Park and Samunjin Jumak Village were additionally selected for the project this year. Moreover, Daegu is carrying out a variety of projects, including revamping public bathrooms and installing wooden boardwalk to create accessible tourist attractions.


“Accessible tourism is a project to develop services and programs that are convenient for all citizens rather than only for specific classes,” said Park Hee-jun, Director General of Daegu’s Culture, Sports and Tourism Bureau. “We will continue to actively reflect the social demand for accessible tourism by steadily implementing policies and providing support.”

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