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Daegu To Be Reborn as a “Software Medical City”
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Daegu takes the first step as a Software Medical City by hosting the Strategy and Policy Development Forum for the Software Medical Device Industry on November 15 (Mon).


The “Strategy and Policy Development Forum for the Software Medical Device Industry” was held at the Daegu Marriott Hotel on November 15 (Mon) at 2 pm, jointly hosted by Daegu Metropolitan City and National Assembly member Hong Seok-jun and organized by the Daegu Gyeongbuk Advanced Medical Innovation Foundation (DGMIF).


<Strategy and Policy Development Forum for the Software Medical Device Industry> external_image


As software medical devices are expected to play a key role in the prevention-centered future medical service industry, Daegu has established a forum to seek ways to nurture the industry and express its intention to foster the industry.


The forum consisted of two presentations and a comprehensive discussion.

First, Kang Young-Kyu, a team leader at the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, presented on the theme of “Regulatory Support for the Commercialization of Software Medical Devices,” raising the need for new regulatory support for software medical devices, which are characterized by innovation and variability. He proposed regulatory briefing sessions, regulation consultations focused on administrative procedures and requirements necessary for products in their life cycles, and the development of permit review guidelines by forming a public-private consultative body.


The next speaker was Lee Sang-woo, who is in charge of Naver Cloud’s Medical Healthcare Solution. He presented on the current status and prospects of software medical devices both domestically and internationally by type, and shared Naver Cloud’s case study on security-related issues, which is an important topic for big data and AI-based software medical devices.


The general discussion that followed was chaired by professor Han Hyung-Soo of Kyungpook National University School of Medicine. Including the two presenters, Lee Seung-dae, head of Daegu’s Innovation and Growth Bureau, Lee Un-gyu of the Ministry of Science and ICT, Han Seunghyun, CEO of Rowan, and professor Kim Chang Hyun of Keimyung University School of Medicine had a lively discussion on ways to support the software medical device industry.


At this meeting, Lee Seung-Dae, head of Daegu’s Innovation and Growth Bureau, cited Daegu’s excellent software and medical infrastructure, including the Software Convergence Cluster, DGMIF, and the Korea Brain Research Institute, as well as the city’s rich clinical environment with five tertiary general hospitals and 12 general hospitals, as Daegu’s strengths and expressed the intention to become a hub of the software medical device industry.


In addition, other medical professionals and business people discussed the direction of government ministries' support for industries, and the necessity and the direction of the development of software medical devices.


“Software medical devices are a new concept of medical devices created by the convergence of cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence and big data,” remarked Assembly member Hong Seok-jun, who co-hosted the forum. “I hope that Daegu can serve as an outpost for South Korea’s software medical device industry.”


Daegu Mayor Kwon Young-jin commented, “Software medical devices (digital therapeutics) have the advantage of being cheaper to develop than new drugs and have relatively short clinical trial procedures and development periods, as there is no preclinical stage.” He added, “We will make every administrative and financial effort so that Daegu can lead and develop the industry.”


The forum was held with deep interest from stakeholders from various circles, and Assembly members Kang Daesik and Yang Keum-hee offered congratulatory speeches, as well as Assembly members Choo Kyungho and Suh Jungsook, and First Vice Minister of Science and ICT Yong Hong-taek who congratulated the opening of the forum virtually.


Daegu plans to utilize the research service for developing software medical devices currently in progress and the results of the discussion in this forum to actively take the lead in the competition for identifying large-scale projects and securing government funds. In addition, the city will carry out a pilot project next year with a focus on customized support for companies for the entire product lifecycle, from the development of software medical devices to commercialization and marketing.