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Daegu Selected as a Pilot City for the UNESCO “Seal of Excellence for Urban Water Management”
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( T. 120)

Resolution adopted on October 1 at the UNESCO IHP Intergovernmental Council session


Daegu Metropolitan City will be participating with Seoul in the UNESCO project for “Seal of Excellence for Urban Water Management*,” which was approved by the Intergovernmental Hydrological Programme (IHP) Intergovernmental Council on October 1.


UNESCO's new project for Seal of Excellence for Urban Water Management will be implemented, as it was approved by the IHP Intergovernmental Council at the council’s 4th extraordinary session held on October 1 at Paris, France.


The project aims to improve and promote the tap water and public water supply for the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goal 6 “clean water and sanitation for all” (SDG6), at a time when issues of water and human settlements are emerging as important problems in the face of climate change.


The UNESCO project for Seal of Excellence for Urban Water Management will first be implemented in two phases: 1st phase in 2022 (pilot project) and 2nd phase in 2023 (main project). Afterward, it will be implemented in cities across the world.


The pilot project in the first phase involves the evaluation of water safety and quality for the tap water in Seoul and Daegu, which have been selected to participate in the project, based on the evaluation criteria developed based on the Guidelines for Drinking-water Quality and the Water Safety Plan by the World Health Organization (WHO), once every quarter for a total of four times a year.


In the evaluation of water safety and quality, an evaluation team consisting of experts appointed by K-water and UNESCO, and the evaluation team will assess the adequacy of the entire tap water supply process, including the water supply network and water treatment facilities.


For cities that have received a combined score of 90 points or higher in the evaluation of the water resource, treatment and distribution systems and the evaluation of drinking water quality analysis, UNESCO IHP will give grades of A to A+++ ratings based on the decision of the Verification Committee and the Board of “Seal of Excellence.”


The results of the pilot project will be presented at the UNESCO’ Executive Board and shared with member states. After deficiencies in the system are supplemented, the main project will be implemented in 2023, expanding the project for “Seal of Excellence” to cities around the world.


“The fact that Daegu has been selected as a pilot project city is a recognition of its excellence in water management, and I am delighted along with the people of Daegu,” remarked Daegu Mayor Kwon Young-jin. He added, “We will do our best to be officially and internationally recognized as an excellent water management city by receiving a high grade in the evaluation for the Seal of Excellence for Urban Water Management conducted next year."