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Ever-changing Colorful Daegu!
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Sentimental illustrations to promote Colorful Daegu grabs people’s attention


Daegu Metropolitan City's public service advertisement campaign, which uses sentimental illustrations to promote Daegu's colorful charms and major policies, is attracting attention.


In June 2020, Daegu launched a city administration publicity campaign to inform and gain consensus on its policies from citizens by installing illustrations and publicity materials containing various aspects of Daegu and the city’s major policies in various parts of the city, including Dongdaegu Station, Metro Line 3, and overpasses.


This campaign is an attempt to break away from the existing promotional methods centered on mottos and slogans. It aims to intuitively deliver images of Colorful Daegu using illustrations and to gain public consensus on Daegu’s administrative policies.


In the vicinity of Dongdaegu Station, which is the gateway to Daegu, illustrations that allow the viewers to get a sense of the city’s vision, potential, and image as a great place to live have been installed as part of the campaign.


Dongdaegu Station Bus Stop – Daegu’s New City Hall



Images that are part of the “Daegu is colorful” series (10 different images, such as Smart City, Enjoyable City, Hospitable City, and Pleasant City) have been installed at the bus stops and taxi stand in front of Dongdaegu Station Plaza. A video made using the installed illustrations is also being aired through the city's social media accounts and billboards throughout the city, and a YouTube video introducing Daegu’s popular mascot “Dodalssu (Otter)” will be released in early September.


In the stations on Metro Line 3, promotional illustrations that resemble woodblock prints have been installed to portray the image of Daegu citizens working together to make the city a better place along with the city’s representative policy brand, attracting the attention of citizens on their way to and from work.


A total of six types of “Colorful Daegu” illustrations have been installed in Metro Line 3 stations: 1) Daegu, where my life gets better, 2) Daegu, the mecca of future industries, 3) Daegu, youth’s hopeful community, 4) Daegu, a global medical city, 5) Daegu, a city of culture and arts, and 6) Daegu, a city made by citizens.


In addition, the designs for advertisements to be displayed on overpass signboards outside the city center added emotional sentimentality to promote the city’s policies and activities, such as the establishment of a new airport and carbon neutrality. Illustrated promotional materials installed throughout the city of Daegu have been well received by visitors and citizens as photo zones.


A citizen who visited Dongdaegu Station said, "I often come to Dongdaegu Station for business trips, but whenever I look at the cute pictures on my way to take the bus or taxi, it feels great to see the changes in Daegu."


Kwon Gi-dong, the director general of Daegu’s PR and Branding Office remarked, “This campaign contains people’s hope that our city will soon overcome COVID-19 and return to being a vibrant Colorful Daegu. I hope that it helps Daegu’s citizens and visitors to experience the changes in Daegu and see the city with a new perspective in this time of difficulty.”