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2021 Daegu International Musical Festival Takes Off
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The Daegu International Musical Festival, the only global musical festival in Korea held every year, will be launching its 15th edition this year for 18 days, from June 18 (Fri) to July 5 (Mon). Overseen by the Daegu Metropolitan City and hosted by the Daegu International Festival (DIMF), the festival will offer a variety of online and offline programs



Poster for the 15th Daegu International Musical Festival




The Daegu International Musical Festival was considered a model example of a large-scale event that was successfully and safely held with proper disease prevention protocols in place during the COVID pandemic last year. This year, in the “with COVID” era, the festival is expected to proceed in a way befitting an international festival that represents Korea once again by strengthening and expanding its online content.


POINT No.1 The birth of an original musical film! “Turandot: The Kingdom of Darkness” The Movie


The biggest characteristic of the 15th Daegu International Musical Festival is the expansion of non-face-to-face content that surpass the constraints of time and space.

The musical “Turandot,” which premiered in 2011 and has established itself as a steady seller and an icon of the Daegu International Musical Festival, is attracting attention as it looks forward to the birth of an original musical film with a different kind of charm from the original musical.


“Turandot: The Kingdom of Darkness” will be unveiled for the first time in a public pre-screening to be held at the opening event of the 15th Daegu International Musical Festival on Friday, June 18th. The film will not only be coming to the theaters in the future, but also become available via OTT platforms and submitted to overseas film festivals. As the first creative musical original film to be released in Korea, it is drawing attention for the kind of history it will write in the genre.


POINT No.2 Joint global musicals from Taiwan and Sweden to continue the Daegu International Musical Festival’s tradition as a global festival


POINT No.3 A lineup that shows the past, present, and the future of original Korean musicals


POINT No. 4 Musicals that can be fully enjoyed even online!

* Official Naver TV Channel for DIMF -

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POINT No. 5 Opening and closing ceremonies to be held online and offline for everyone to attend


POINT No. 6 An abundance of side events that will add to the enjoyment of the festival


With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, many festivals across the country including the Daegu region have been repeatedly postponed or canceled. However, the 15th Daegu International Musical Festival is looking to turn this crisis into an opportunity to popularize musicals and globalize the festival through offline content with a focus on original Korean musicals and global joint productions, as well as online content made accessible by live streaming and production of musical films.


Website for the 2021 Daegu International Musical Festival: