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Medicity Daegu Receives the Korea Master Brand Award for Seven Consecutive Years!
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Daegu stands tall as the Korean mecca of healthcare by winning the award for seven consecutive years (2015 to 2021)


“Medicity Daegu” won the Korea Master Brand Award in the medical city category for seven consecutive years at the 2021 Korea Master Brand Awards held at the Shilla Hotel in Seoul on April 20 at 2pm. This is a recognition of Daegu as the best medical city in Korea. 


2021 Korea Master Brand Awards



This year marks the 16th anniversary of the Korea Master Brand Awards, which are brand awards given to the best brands in Korea that have been directly evaluated and selected by consumers. Medicity Daegu received higher scores compared to other cities in the four evaluation areas: 1) The first medical city that comes to mind (top-of-mind awareness); 2) a city well known as a medical city (aided awareness); 3) a city that you have seen in articles or broadcasts related to medical cities (marketing activities); and 4) a city that you consider to be the best medical city in Korea (brand preference).


Daegu’s winning the award was the result of multifaceted efforts, such as establishing the medical industry as the city’s future industry in 2009, creating a high-tech complex, attracting medical companies and overseas medical tourists, building a global-level medical infrastructure, supporting active R&D, and operating a one-stop corporate support system.


In addition, Daegu has been striving to enhance the competitiveness of medical institutions and innovate medical services in hospitals by promoting collaborative projects among hospitals and making major healthcare policy decisions with the Medicity Daegu Council, which consists of five healthcare and medical organizations (Daegu Medical Association, Taegu Dental Association, Daegu Association of Korea Medicine, Daegu Pharmaceutical Association, and Daegu Nurses Association), seven general hospitals, Korea Medical Devices Industry Association, and Daegu-Gyeongbuk Medical Innovation Foundation.


One of the major factors that contributed to Medicity Daegu’s winning the award was the establishment of a leading model of “K-quarantine” through rapid and systematic mobilization of medical resources and creative ideas during the historic COVID-19 crisis, such as the operation of drive-through screening clinics, introduction of community treatment centers, full inspection of group facilities for high-risk groups, and campaigns for wearing masks every day.


The Daegu Gyeongbuk Advanced Medical Complex and the Medical R&D District, which are playing a central role in Daegu’s development into a medical industrial city, have attracted 13 government-funded institutions and 144 medical companies. As of the end of 2020, a total of 129 enterprises have completed setting up offices within the complex and the district. In addition, a survey of companies with headquarters located in the complex showed that their sales have increased by an annual average of over 14% per year. All these show that the complex and the district will continue to spearhead the regional economic growth.


Daegu’s Vice Mayor for Economic Affairs Hong Eui-rak remarked, “Now, the entire country is faced with difficulties due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but Daegu is responding well based on its strengths as a medical city we have accumulated so far. And winning the Korea Master Brand Award for seven consecutive years in the medical city category was possible thanks to the efforts of local medical institutions as well as industries, universities, and research institutes." He added, “We will continue to do our best to strengthen the collaboration between government agencies and private organizations going forward, so that Medicity Daegu can open a new chapter as an advanced medical city that is recognized beyond Asia and by the world.”