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Daegu to Reorganize the Safety Network for Addressing Climate Change
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Daegu decides to gather opinions from various fields and establish the third round of climate change adaptation strategies (2022-2026) by the end of the year


Daegu Metropolitan City is stepping up to establish the “Third Climate Change Adaptation Strategies” to minimize and prevent damage from climate change.


The “Climate Change Adaptation Strategies” is an official plan established to seek out vulnerable areas related to climate change and prepare countermeasures. Daegu has been establishing and implementing these strategies every five years since 2012.


Although the movement toward greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction and carbon neutrality is spreading, climate change has already entered our world and will continue for a considerable period of time due to GHGs emitted in the past and GHGs that are still occurring.


This is the reason the “Climate Change Adaptation Strategies” for adapting to the warmer earth in parallel with the carbon-neutral activities to reduce net carbon emissions to “zero.”


In particular, Daegu's adaptation strategies are of greater significance in that the impacts and damage caused by climate change are more threatening at the regional and local levels, especially for those who are socially marginalize.


The “Third Climate Change Adaptation Strategies” will enhance the effectiveness of measures to address climate change in each sector, such as health, natural disasters and accidents, water management, forests, ecosystems, industries, and energy, while also strengthening the climate flexibility in all aspects of society, such as fostering new industries that will help the world adapt to climate change, providing intensive protection for the vulnerable, and establishing tangible measures to adapt to climate change with citizens.


Main research areas will include: the analysis of the achievements of the Second Adaptation Strategies, analysis of adaptation capacity as well as the impacts and prospects of climate change, vulnerability assessment and selection of major implementation fields, and the establishment of projects by field and annual plans.


As the first step in establishing the adaptation strategies, the first meeting at the start of the research will be held at 10 am on April 7 in the main auditorium of the Daegu City Hall Annex. The meeting will provide a platform to share research plans and discuss various ideas. It will be attended by advisory committee members including members of civic groups, experts, and academics, as well as relevant public officials, and conducted in the order of reporting on the initiation of research, comprehensive discussion, and opinion gathering.


Going forward, Daegu plans to establish and finalize measures by the end of this year after sufficient opinion gathering and discussions among people of all social standings, including experts, related organizations, civic groups, and the socially marginalized groups.


Hong Seong-ju, the head of the Green Environment Bureau at Daegu Metropolitan City, remarked, “Adapting to climate change means protecting Daegu’s sustainability and people’s health and safety from climate change. We will design the strategies to create a safety network to address climate change while supplementing the 2050 Carbon Neutral Strategy.”