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Opening of a Relay Web Photo Exhibition of Sister and Friendship Cities
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Daegu holds a relay photo exhibition on its official website


  In this era of “with Covid-19,” Daegu Metropolitan City is holding a photo exhibition on its official website for the promotion of Sister Cities and Friendship Cities. After the “Photo Exhibition in Celebration of the 10th Anniversary of Exchange with Kobe, Japan,” which began in last December, Daegu will be hosting a month-long photo exhibition of Milan, Italy, in April, followed by other cities around the world.


The Relay Web Photo Exhibition of Sister and Friendship Cities was designed to comfort the people who have been exhausted from COVID-19 for a long time now and to help them experience cities overseas vividly, albeit in a virtual space.


This relay photo exhibition was launched last December, when Daegu and its Friendship City Kobe held photo exhibitions of each other on their websites in celebration of the 10th anniversary of exchange between the two cities. Starting in April, Daegu will host photo exhibitions of its Sister and Friendship Cities every month.


The city that will be introduced in April is Milan, Italy, which has been Daegu’s Sister City since July 2, 2015. With the 26 photos sent from Milan, viewers will be able to see the diverse colors and scenery that change by season from January to December.


After Milan, Daegu will host a photo exhibition of Atlanta, US, in May, followed by Wuhan, China, in June, and others.


In addition, this photo exhibition will be hosted in the real space at the Fringe Photo Festival* (planning director: Song Ho-jin) of the 2021 Daegu Photo Biennale, which will be held from September 10 (Fri) to November 2 (Tue). Through a variety of exhibitions tailored to the vision of the Fringe Photo Festival, Daegu hopes to solidify exchange and cooperation with its Sister and Friendship Cities and provide people another chance to experience the cities in collaboration with the Daegu Culture and Arts Center.

  * Fringe Photo Festival: It is a participatory program at the Daegu Photo Biennale that allows anyone to become a photographer or a curator. Exhibitions are displayed at various cultural spaces around Daegu, including galleries, restaurants, and cafés.


“Daegu is currently engaged in virtual exchange with its Sister and Friendship Cities, as physical exchange has become difficult due to COVID-19,” explained Kim Tae-un, the head of Daegu’s Job and Investment Bureau. He remarked, “We hope to raise people’s interest in Daegu’s Sister Cities and Friendship Cities through this web photo exhibition, and encourage many Daegu citizens to actively interact with the city’s Sister and Friendship Cities once COVID-19 is over.”