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Now Three Times Larger in Size, Daegu Arboretum is Transforming Today!
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Contributing to overcoming the COVID blues by providing attractions with various themes!


  With its area tripled in size from 240,000m2 in 2016 to 780,000m2 in 2019, Daegu Arboretum has been newly transformed.


Created from 2018 to 2019, the Medicinal Plant Garden is a research center for medicinal plants, containing 93,473 plants of 203 different types under 11 themed areas. The Wood Culture Center, which was completed in 2019, is expected to provide opportunities for many different woodworking programs and to vitalize the Korean woodworking culture. The center has been temporarily closed to prevent further spread of COVID, but it is expected to provide opportunities for healthy recreational activities for the people once it reopens.


In addition, a unique forest path that does not exist anywhere else in Korea has been created in the arboretum last year. It is a four-kilometer trail along the outskirts of the arboretum with sections designed with different themes, such as the “Healing Forest,” “Flower Scented Forest,” and “Rest Area.” The “Healing Forest Path” with lush pine trees and “Flower Scented Forest Path” where people can see flowers all the time are paths with gentle slopes that everyone can enjoy regardless of age or sex. These paths are invigorating people who are struggling with COVID blues..


In addition, the forest path is dotted with multipurpose “Rest Areas” equipped with sunbeds, wooden benches, and wooden sheds for people to enjoy forest therapy that people are unable to experience in urban environments. In particular, the wooden sheds, known as wondumak in Korean, is drawing attention for having been conceptualized, designed, and created by the staff at Daegu Arboretum.



Moreover, Daegu Arboretum has also unveiled a new photo zone with the initial consonants of the arboretum’s name “ㄷㄱㅅㅁㅇ,” which is 1.5 meters high and 10 meters wide, through idea proposals and research conducted by the staff.



Main Structure at Daegu Arboretum (photo zone)



The Forest Museum at the arboretum has been installed with a history bulletin that introduces the “Arboretum’s Past and Present,” visually providing information about the creation of the arboretum on former landfill and the transformation it underwent to become what it is today.


In 2020, apartment complexes have been created in Hansildeul, and the arboretum installed a 127 meter-long sloped deck near exit 2 in the direction of Hansildeul to meet visitors’ demands and increase accessibility.


This year, the arboretum will also create dirt paths (Barefoot Ochre Trail, Pebble Trail, Sand Trail, etc.) and a book café. Through this, Daegu Arboretum is expected to serve as a space for improving people’s emotional and physical well-being in the current COVID era.