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Literature Vending Machine on the Street: Now You Can Get a Taste of Literature on the Road
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Two additional literature vending machines to be installed to touch people’s hearts


 Daegu Metropolitan City will be installing additional literature vending machines that could help soothe tired and weary spirits of the modern people who have no time or luxury to read books by providing a chance to get a taste of literary works in their spare time.


Literature Vending Machine




Literature vending machines were installed to create a reading environment in the daily life of people who are familiar with smart media. The project was funded by the 2019 Youth Participatory Budget. Currently, there are 10 literature vending machines in locations throughout Daegu, including the city's railway station platform, the lobby of the main city hall building, the lobby of the city hall annex building, the lobby of the Daegu Concert House Chamber Hall, and in front of the Special Exhibition Hall at the National Daegu Museum.


There are two buttons on the vending machines: “Long excerpt” or “Short excerpt.” With the press of a button, the vending machine quickly and easily prints out an excerpt from a variety of literature, including fiction, poetry, and famous adages. In addition, the bottom section of the printout lists various policies of Daegu Metropolitan City and other and useful administrative information. In this way, the vending machines also communicate information about the city government.


People have responded favorably to the literary vending machines. The machines were used for a total of 481,263 times last year with a monthly average of 40,000 excerpts printed. One person who has used the vending machine said, "It’s easy to read great pieces of writing thanks to the vending machines, and it keeps you occupied while waiting for the subway. I also like that the writings poke at my sensibilities. I hope that more subway stations and public institutions will have these machines." In March, Daegu Metropolitan City plans to install two more literature vending machines in consideration of the pedestrian traffic and regional equity, allowing more people to have access to the literature vending machines.


Kang Myung-sook, head of the Daegu Women and Youth Education Bureau, remarked, “I hope that the works from literature vending machines will provide a warm comfort to people who are leading a busy and weary life, and we will continue to look for others ways to help people make a habit of reading."