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Have a Memorable Time in Daegu during the Lunar New Year Holiday
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Healing tourist destinations imbued with seonbi spirit


1. Time travel into the stories of virtuous scholars


 The Past Mural Street near the Modern Street features murals that depict the image of the old Yeongnam-daero. Visitors can take a moment to follow the traces of seonbi (virtuous scholars) who walked hundreds of kilometers with a bundle of their possessions on their backs.


The Dodong Thuja Forest in Dong-gu, which was praised by So Ko-jong in the early Joseon dynasty as the Fragrant Forest of the North and one of the 10 sceneries of Daegu, is a forest of thuja trees that have rooted down between the boulders on a cliff. It used to serve as a place of rest for wanderers and seonbi who loved and enjoyed the arts. Visitors can enjoy an outing during the holidays and take a picture resembling an oriental painting.


The Otgol Village, the village of the Gyeongju Choi clan, features traditional Korean hanok that offer a glimpse into the daily lives of seonbi from the Joseon dynasty and stone walls lined up around the village. When looking at the peaceful scenery of the village, you’ll have a breadth of mind as though you have become a seonbi.


Dodong Seowon is a school that was established to revere the virtue and ethics of Kim Goeng-pil, whose penname was Hanhwondang. As suggested by its name, which means that the “way of Neo-Confucianism has come to the east,” the school is full of the proud seonbi spirit.


2. Ecotourism Stamp Tour


 There are a number of eco-tourism destinations in Daegu, including Palgong Mountain, Biseul Mountain, Suseongmot Lake, Dalseong Marsh, Songhae Park, and river islands, where visitors can heal their mind and soul in nature. Among them, Suseongmot Lake, which has become Daegu’s representative lake park, is now a healing space in the city with ecological resources as well as fountains, a promenade, and coffee shops.


Dalseong Marsh (Daemyeong Retarding Basin) is an inland marsh created by the union of Nakdong River and Geumho River. A natural monument, it is home to a variety of organisms including the narrow-mouthed toad. With a vast field of silver grass, the marsh is a destination for city dwellers who want to get away from the constraints of their urban life and enjoy the nature. Visitors can take a walk around the marsh via the walking path.


At Songhae Park, visitors can walk over the Baekse Bridge or take an hour-long stroll along the Okyeonji Pond Trail that leads to the observatory. In addition to an overpass, Geumgul Cave, and a large-scale waterwheel, the park is currently pursuing the installation of a moon-shaped structure to become a major tourist attraction with a variety of sights.


Daegu Metropolitan City and the Daegu Tourisms Bureau will offer a “Mobile Stamp Tour” centering around ecological tourist attractions in February, focusing on the Lunar New Year holiday weekend. Visitors who install the mobile application on their smartphones will see a stamp appear on the screen when visiting the attraction (GPS location-based authentication). They can simply touch the screen to receive a stamp. Those who obtain five stamps out of 30, each at a different location, can receive a souvenir. In addition, anyone who posts a review of the tour on the mobile application can receive a mobile coupon.


3. Cinema Paradise! TV Drama Filming Locations in Daegu


 Daegu is home to a number of beautiful locations where Korean TV dramas had been filmed. Any photograph taken at these locations is turned into a work of art. The small stone stairway that the protagonists of the TV drama What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim? walked down hand-in-hand is the historically significant March 1 Movement Street, and the observatory where their date scene was filmed is a location that overlooks the entire city of Daegu surrounded by nature.


Keimyung University has been a popular filming location due to its uniquely exotic and beautiful campus. Over a 100 movies and TV dramas have been filmed on the campus, including Boys Over Flowers. In particular, the university’s Hanhakchon (Culture Village) drew attention as the hometown of Ko Ae-sin, the female protagonist of the 24-episode TV drama series Mister Sunshine. In addition, there are numerous other filming locations that visitors can enjoy quietly during the holidays, including Ayang Railroad, which was featured on Oh My Venus, and Hwawon Dongsan, which appeared on It’s Okay, That’s Love.


Those who are unable to come visit Daegu can enjoy Daegu’s tourist attractions online via the Official Daegu Tourism Blog ( and YouTube channel, starting on February 10. Anyone can also participate in the Daegu TV Drama Filming Location Survey “Where Do You Want to Visit?” on the Official Daegu Tourism Blog from February 5 to 14 and be selected to receive a souvenir.