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Daegu Announces Vision for New Deal, “People-Centered, Carbon-Neutral Healthy City”
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Daegu selects seven major projects with the aim of becoming a city of future industrial innovation, health and low carbon economy


  In order to actively respond to the challenges of the times that are sweeping the world today, including digital transformation, climate change crisis, and the spread of infectious diseases and aging, Daegu Metropolitan City established the promotion plan for the Daegu New Deal with the vision of a “people-centered, carbon-neutral healthy city.” Through this, the city aims to make efforts to secure the momentum for sustainable growth and create a pleasant and healthy living environment for the people.


The Daegu New Deal consists of 165 projects in 10 areas under three strategies: Industrial New Deal, Space New Deal, and Human New Deal. Through organic linkages among the three strategies, the Daegu New Deal will create a mutually beneficial relationship among future industries, green spaces, and a safety net that will generate 110,000 new jobs, nurture 10,000 New Deal innovative talents, and achieve the goal of reducing 2.5 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions.*

  * Compared to the expected greenhouse gas emissions (11.96 million tons) in 2025


In order to ensure that the Daegu New Deal can become a blueprint that broadly encompasses the future of the local economy, industry, and society, Daegu has established this plan after consulting experts in various fields, including eight industrial working groups within the Daegu Economy and Industry Innovation Growth Governance, university professors, and social activists



The direction and the main objectives of each strategy are as follows:


First, the Industrial New Deal focuses on fostering the future growth engine in the region by bringing together and spreading digital and green technologies across local industries. The city aims to create 40,000 jobs by investing a total of KRW 4.73 trillion in 87 projects in four areas: strengthening the future industrial growth engines that combines digital technology; advancing the traditional industrial technologies and infrastructure; fostering the content industry and contact-free services; and establishing an innovative ecosystem for the Daegu New Deal.


Space New Deal aims to provide people with an efficient and comfortable living space by using digital and green technologies in urban spaces. It will create 40,000 new jobs, and the city will invest a total of KRW 6.58 trillion in 31 projects in three areas: carbon-neutral eco-spaces, digital innovation spaces, and hyper-connected and hyper-intelligent space.


Human New Deal aims to cultivate talented people who will lead change and innovation in the local region and establish a tight social safety net so that no one would be left out of the process. The city plans to create 30,000 jobs by investing KRW 1.21 trillion in 47 projects in three areas, including: fostering of 10,000 New Deal innovative talents, creation of an employment safety net to protect people’s lives, and implementation of community-based welfare safety nets.


Daegu will select seven major projects that would best realize the vision of “People-Centered, Carbon-Neutral Healthy City of Daegu” in order to help the New Deal become more tangible for the people and promote them in a prompt manner.