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“Begin Again, Daegu Tourism” Daegu Prepares for a New Chapter of Tourism for the Upcoming Post-COVID Era
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Daegu begins its full-scale promotion of the Daegu Total Tourism Package (DTTP), an inter-ministerial regional tourism service innovation project


To prepare for the post-COVID era and to vitalize its local tourism industry, Daegu Metropolitan City is strengthening the competitiveness of the local tourism industry and launching a full-scale support for the industry as well.


Due to the global pandemic caused by COVID-19, the local tourism industry is undergoing a serious crisis. To rebuild the local tourism industry and vitalize the city’s tourism, Daegu is preemptively fostering and providing support for the local tourism industry.


Strengthening the competitiveness of the local tourism industry in preparation for the post-COVID era

Last year, Daegu was selected for the Korea Total Tourism Package (KTTP), a comprehensive support project for the innovation of local tourism services launched by cooperating ministries. As a result, the city is promoting the Daegu Total Tourism Package (DTTP) project with KRW 17.7 billion, including KRW 10.8 billion from the central government.


In order to induce the diffusion of foreign tourists in the Seoul Capital Area to other parts of South Korea, Daegu will focus on creating services and environment in which tourists who enter via a local airport can receive tourism information and other services, including transportation, accommodation, food, experiences, and shopping.


Once the DTTP with Daegu’s unique content is completed, the city will provide foreign tourists who enter South Korea via Daegu Airport with top quality services, including expedited entry and exit screening times (from 20 minutes to five minutes), increased number of new direct routes, and performances in the airport. In addition, the city will also dramatically improve transportation services for tourists by introducing tourism taxis, expanded foreign language services on LED displays on intracity buses, and other conveniences.


In addition, the city will turn the Suseong Lake area into a “waterfront smart service zone” with an AI display fountain, a healthcare zone, and a smart food street. Dongseong-ro will also be turned into a “smart tourist street” equipped with smart shopping technology.


Moreover, Daegu plans to transform itself into a memorable and charming global tourist city by making use of the history, marine resources, and Hallyu content in Daegu and Gyeongsangbuk-do to offer eco-green tourism, walking tours, leisure sports in connection with Nakdonggang River Leports Valley, and Cinema Paradise Daegu consisting of 26 filming locations of Korean TV dramas.