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Daegu, a Leading City of South Korea’s Digital New Deal Cultural Content Industry
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The first Content Business Center opens in Korea, combining business support facilities and startup support residence facilities


Daegu Metropolitan City is currently pursuing the establishment of cultural content infrastructure and development of relevant technologies to foster “on-tact” and realistic content industries, which is expected to become the center of the future cultural industry.


Daegu is striving to transform itself into a leading city of cultural content industry by making efforts to open its Content Business Centers in 2021 and complete a major content industry cluster in Korea; pursue advanced cultural technology (CT) demonstration project in connection with other regions; develop locally specialized realistic content; and host a World Cultural Industry Forum under the theme of the “convergence of culture and advanced technology.”


First, the construction of the Content Business Center, which aims to foster small but strong content businesses in the region, is expected to be completed in August 2021. The center will create a supporting ecosystem for the local content industry that links the Daegu Content Korea Lab to lay the creative foundation for the content industry and the Daegu Content Enterprise Promotion Center to lay the foundation for growth of content businesses. In this way, Daegu is pursing to create a representative content industry cluster in the nation.



Once the Content Business Center opens, it will provide support to everyone who is involved in the full-cycle of content businesses, from creators to prospective startup entrepreneurs, businesses that are starting out, and leading businesses in the industry. It is expected to strengthen the basis of the content industry ecosystem.


Content Korea Lab, located in the Venture Valley in Dongdaegu, consists of an open space for supporting creativity, studio, and creation rooms. Every year, it supports a variety of programs and offers basic and expert classes. Since 2015, it has trained 13,482 individuals and produced 112 startups and 656 creations. A gross total of 180,000 people have used the lab’s facilities or programs.


The Daegu Content Enterprise Promotion Center was opened in June 2020. With offices for businesses, spaces for networking, and amenities for enterprises, the center provides consultations in many areas, including business management, accounting, and human resources, and also supports businesses in developing and commercializing new contents, as well as in helping the businesses enter the Korean and foreign markets. So far, it has supported 50 businesses by providing office space and funding productions, and the center is expected to generate even more profits by creating new jobs and increasing sales.


In addition, as Daegu was selected to participate in the project sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism in June 2020, the city is seamlessly pursuing the regionally-linked advanced CT demonstration project, which will continue to 2022 with a total funding of KRW 10 billion.


This year, the city will install a state-of-the-art performance audiovisual system (consisting of an ultra-high definition multiscreen system and a surround audio system) in Palgong Hall at the Daegu Arts Center to share hyper-realistic performances in real time with the people. Moreover, it is expected to demonstrate live share technologies that are being researched and developed by businesses that are leading the high-tech performance industry.


With the spread of non-face-to-face performance culture due to the COVID-19 pandemic, content and ICT businesses in the region are expected to secure relevant technologies through such projects. Daegu expects this to lead to the identification of new fields in advanced CT industry, strengthening of local companies’ competitiveness in Korean and foreign markets, and creation of new skilled jobs.


When this project is completed in the future, Daegu would be able to show off its quality performances, such as operas and musicals, to the Seoul Capital Area and also lay the foundation for the performance streaming service, providing quality performances from the Seoul Capital Area to the people of Daegu using hyper-realistic technologies.