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Things We Took for Granted” Moves People’s Hearts Once Again (Daegu X Lee Juck)
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A special healing video for all of us who are working hard to overcome the COVID-19 pandemic


  “The days we hugged freely and loved with ease, until those days return, we won’t lose our smile.”

These are lyrics to the background music used in a recent video produced by the Daegu Metropolitan City.


Daegu has created a “healing” video to send a message of warm consolation and hope for the recovery of daily routines to the people who are trying to overcome the difficulties caused by COVID-19.

For the video, Lee Juck’s “Things We Took For Granted,” a song that became a sensation after a special stage performance by child actors at the 56th Baeksang Arts Awards and on social media, was used as background music to move the listeners’ hearts.



Video of “We Are Waiting for the Things That We Used to Take for Granted”


Daegu produced this video to offer consolation and support for all of its citizens by featuring people from the days before the COVID-19 pandemic, when Daegu used to be full of energy and vitality, as well as from today when people are waiting to return to their daily routines.


The video has been uploaded to the Colorful Daegu TV (Daegu’s official YouTube channel), and Daegu plans to send a message of comfort and solidarity to people throughout the world via its overseas social media accounts.


Meanwhile, in line with the current “ontact (portmanteau of “online” and “contact”)” trend, Daegu has been creating promotional videos of its administrative affairs and posting them on its official YouTube channel.


Recently, Daegu’s “Mask SseuGO” campaign, which has been implemented as part of the strengthened level 2 social distancing measures in Daegu, has been a hit. With the catchphrase “No talking when eating or drinking, talking only with masks on!” the brief and trendy motion graphic video engages the viewers and prompts people to participate in wearing masks properly.


Kwon Gi-dong, director general of PR & City Branding Office, remarked, “We created the video, hoping for all of us to be able to return to our healthy daily routines that we used to take for granted before the COVID-19 outbreak. I would like to express my gratitude to singer Lee Juck for understanding our good intention and allowing us to use his song for the video.”