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13 Public Institutions Based in Daegu to Pursue Local Innovation Project
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Thirteen public institutions that are members of a consultative body of public institutions headquartered in Daegu held an innovation workshop via “untact” (meaning no contact) video chat in an effort to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.


The institutions that attended the workshop include the Daegu Environmental Corporation, Korea Gas Corporation, Korea Credit Guarantee Fund, Daegu Infrastructure Corporation, Daegu Metropolitan Transit Corporation, Daegu Urban Corporation, National Information Society Agency, Korea Student Aid Foundation, Korea Industrial Complex Corporation, Korea Evaluation Institute of Industrial Technology, Korea Education and Research Information Service, Korea Appraisal Board, and the Korea Advancing Schools Foundation.


The workshop was designed for the purpose of helping public institutions create better social values. The participating institutions shared their innovation plans, identified local innovation projects, and discussed collaboration in an effort to create changes and innovative accomplishments that can be felt by the people.


Through the innovation workshop, participants decided to implement four projects, including the installation of “yellow carpets” to enhance the safety of children on their way to school and distribution of related safety supplies, a program to support young people from Daegu to return home and find job in Daegu, and social crowdfunding project to support the liquidity of socioeconomic enterprises based in Daegu.


In addition, the 13 public institutions decided to share their innovation plans and to benchmark and improve projects that yield great results in an effort to maximize their accomplishments and produce tangible changes for the people.