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SOF, YouTuber with a Million Subscribers Release a Video of Making Lunchboxes for the Medical Professionals in Daegu
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A collaboration between a citizens’ promotion group and SOF, the entire making process has been captured on video.


  On August 21, Daegu Metropolitan City will release a YouTube video of the process of making and delivering lunch boxes for local medical professionals who have dedicated themselves to fighting COVID-19 at the forefront.



Video of Making Lunchboxes for Daegu’s Medical Professionals



 “SOF,” a YouTuber famous for his cooking videos, and “Udream,” a citizens’ video promotion group, participated in this video production, which can be seen on Daegu‘s official YouTube channel “Colorful Daegu TV.”


The video introduces interesting episodes of the lunchbox production process in the first half, and the members of Udream who majored in vocal performance and their friends sing “Stay Strong Daegu Korea” (lyrics and music by Park Yohan) in the second half, sending a message of healing and support to the public.


Daegu Metropolitan City is producing various videos with popular YouTubers to promote the city. YouTubers who have participated in the video production include SOF (10.4 million subscribers), which will be released on August 21, Nado (2.27 million), Hong Sound (1.6 million), Samdaejang (84 million), and The SCOOP (600,000), who are all partner creators belonging to the YouTuber talent management company “CJ E&M DIA TV.” These YouTubers have made efforts to support Daegu, which has experienced a rapid spread of the COVID-19 earlier this year. Their efforts are expected to be a model example of the beneficial influence of popular YouTubers.

  ※ Figures in parentheses are the numbers of subscribers.


The citizens’ video promotion group, which participated in the video production, is jointly operated by Daegu and the Daegu Digital Industry Promotion Agency to promote Daegu through videos and to foster local creators. A total of 10 teams that have been selected this year are currently active.


Kwon Gi-dong, Director General of PR & City Branding Office, commented, “I hope that the videos created by YouTubers with a million subscribers and the citizens’ promotion group will help restore the image of the city that has been damaged by COVID-19 and help Daegu citizens regain the pride of their city.” He added, “Going forward, we plan to continue and develop ways to promote Daegu through various new media platforms and formats that reflect the new ‘ontact (portmanteau of online and contact)’ culture.”