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Daegu Chimac Festival 2024 noted for eco-friendliness
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85,000 reusable containers to be distributed for festival’s duration


Daegu Metropolitan City (DMC) will be hosting the Daegu Chimac Festival from July 3 (Wed) through July 7 (Sunday) in the vicinity of Duryu Park. One of the festival’s main goals is, surprisingly, environmental conservation: namely, to replace disposable products with reusable ones as much as possible.


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DMC applied for and was selected for the Ministry of Environment’s Reusable Container Reuse Program based on its desire to reduce the amount of disposable cups used by the festival and, ultimately, make the Daegu Chimac Festival environmentally-friendly.


Over the five days that the festival is held, 85,000 reusable containers (including 75,000 cups) will be distributed through a circulation system (provide → collect → wash → re-provide).

[Reusable containers by type] Large plate (26cm): 1,000 per day, Small plate (15cm): 1,000 per day, Reusable cup (16oz): 15,000 per day


The chicken, beer, and other foods sold at food booths will be provided in reusable containers, which visitors can return at one of many collection sites* positioned strategically throughout the festival grounds (after first removing food scraps and garbage).

No. of regular collection sites: 6, no. of temporary collection sites: 20


Furthermore, a total of 20 high-pressure washing machines will be available throughout the festival grounds for cups so that visitors can reduce the amount of garbage produced by washing and reusing cups.


Reusable containers will be collected once per day for all five days of the festival and, based on guidelines for reusable container hygiene, returned the following day to the festival grounds after high temperature/pressure washing, sterilization/disinfection, and packaging.


DMC will, in cooperation with Banban Co-op, the organization responsible for operating the reusable container circulation system for the festival, be encouraging visitors to participate through campaigns and events that stress the importance of reusing resources and carbon neutrality.


In September, 20,000 reusable cups will be manufactured that can start being used from next year’s Daegu Chimac Festival. DMC anticipates that reusable containers will reduce the amount of disposable cup garbage produced during the festival by approximately 1.5 tons.


Ahn Jung-gon, head of DMC’s Division of Economic Affairs, said, “We expect that the use of reusable containers will not only reduce disposable product use, thereby reducing pollution and waste of resources, but also help festival grounds to look better by not having large piles of plastic garbage. We will do our best to make visitors more environmentally-aware and the Daegu Chimac Festival a sustainable and eco-friendly event.”


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