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February 28th Jungang Memorial Park to be transformed into a hip urban haven
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Daegu’s famed inner-city park to be revamped into a trendy and versatile space


Daegu Metropolitan City (DMC) will, according to its Dongseongno Renaissance Project, be turning the February 28th Jungang Memorial Park into a vibrant and youthful space that can be used for festivals, DMC events, and for residents to relax.


<Blueprint for renewal of February 28th Jungang Memorial Park>


For the renewal of the park, which is located in Jung-gu’s Gongpyeong-dong district, DMC will be investing KRW 2.2 billion. Construction began in August 2023 and is slated to be completed in December 2024.


The park, which was created over 20 years ago, has aged significantly. The overcrowding of trees, including ones that are impossible to cultivate, gave the park a dark, closed-off appearance, resulting in it being avoided by residents. The renewal is expected to turn the park into a versatile grassy plaza that serves as a continuation of the youthful atmosphere of Dongseongno.


A public-private committee was formed (affiliated with the Dongseongno Renaissance Project) to oversee the renewal. Comprised of members of the Dongseongno Merchant Association, experts (e.g. professors), and public servants from relevant fields, the committee met four times, through which it produced the Basic Plan for the Renewal of the February 28th Jungang Memorial Park (tent.).


The focus of the basic plan is to maintain the park’s shape, create a wide, open grassy plaza in the center, and create walking trails that connect the park’s green areas by utilizing existing resources and trees as much as possible (e.g. remodeling of the central plaza stage).


To make the park more easily accessible and open to the public, the number of entrances at the northern and western ends will be increased from four to nine. The northern entrance will be embellished with a permanent busking stage and decked rest area to encourage performances year-round. The management office and restrooms will be renovated to complement the park’s new appearance.


The park’s eastern and southern spaces will be affixed with a wood-floored walking trail and tree-lined rest areas near the stone wall that separates the park from private buildings. The walking trail will also be lined with lights so that residents can enjoy it by day and by night.


Furthermore, trees in good condition (pine, maple, crape myrtle, etc.) will be preserved as much as possible, with those in poor condition due to overcrowding being removed. Flowering trees will be added to enhance the park’s atmosphere.


The basic plan will be finalized by May. Construction will begin after the Powerful Daegu Festival (May 11~12, 2024), one of DMC’s biggest events, and is expected to be completed by December.


Ji Hyeong-jae, head of DMC’s Environment and Water Resources Division, said, “The renewal will transform February 28th Jungang Memorial Park into a cultural space that Daegu can be proud of. It will be a place that is open to all citizens and can host diverse festivals, events and concerts. We also anticipate that it will contribute significantly to economic revitalization of the Dongseongno area.”

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