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2nd Dalseong Industrial Complex

Foreign Investment Zone

Dalseong Foreign Investment Zone

The first foreign investment zone in Daegu, forming an industrial belt along with the Daegu National Industrial Complex

  • Location: Guji-myeon, Dalseong-gun (within the 2nd Dalseong Industrial Complex)
  • Total area: 104,188㎡ (31,516 pyeong)
  • Supply area: 11,286㎡ (3,414 pyeong)
  • Targeted business sectors: electronics, telecommunications, machinery, future-oriented vehicles, renewable energy
    ※ Total area of the 2nd Dalseong Industrial Complex: 2,715,348㎡ (821,393 pyeong)

Industrial belt of automobiles, machinery, and metals

  • 75% of the complex’s 230 resident companies are engaged in the automobiles, machinery and metal industries
  • The 1st Dalseong Industrial Complex, 2nd Dalseong Industrial Complex and Changwon Industrial Complex form an industrial belt

Construction of a knowledge-based R&D city

  • Daegu Technopolis (2.2 million pyeong) and National Industrial Complex (2.58 million pyeong) are currently slated for construction near the 2nd Dalseong Industrial Complex.
  • A large residential complex, home to 3,100 households

Convenient transportation

  • Only an hour away from Busan Port and Busan New Port and 30 minutes from downtown Daegu
  • Easy access to Guma Expressway, Jungbu Naeryuk Expressway, and National Highway No. 5