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  4. A city of convenient transportation and thriving industries

A city of convenient transportation and thriving industries

Industrial bases and mature consumer markets

  • Close proximity to the world’s largest IT and automotive industrial complexes in Pohang, Ulsan, Gumi, Changwon and Busan
  • Developed service industries—education, finance, entertainment, etc.—covering the southeastern region of Korea
  • Connected network of 5.2 million consumers in neighboring cities (one-hour drive by car)

Transportation hub connecting the entire nation



Five ports only an hour from Daegu: Pohang Port, Ulsan Port, Masan Port, Busan Port, Busan International Port, and Busan New Port


  • Seven expressways that pass through Daegu: Gyeongbu Line, Guma Line, Jungang Line, 88 Line, Jungbu Naeryuk Line, Daegu-Pohang Line, Daegu-Busan Line
  • KTX high-speed railway: Daegu-Seoul, 99 minutes
  • Two railways: Gyeongbu Line, Daegu Line

Premier Logistics Hub

The first and largest integrated logistical base in Korea

Category, Total, Exhibition/ convention centers, Fashion design development support centers, Wholesale markets, Corporate promotion centers, Logistical complexes, Support facilities/ public facilities
Category Total Exhibition/ convention centers Fashion design development support centers Wholesale markets Corporate promotion centers Logistical complexes Support facilities/ public facilities
Area (㎡) 837,721 43,014 4,115 171,064 75,120 160,588 383,820
No. of companies 5,040 53 1 4,563 208 136 79

Logistics facilities

Total, Department stores, Shopping centers, Discount stores, Specialty stores, Super supermarkets (SSMs), Markets, Other large stores
Total Department stores Shopping centers Discount stores Specialty stores Super supermarkets (SSMs) Markets Other large stores
241 8 5 18 3 50 142 15