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(unit: KRW)
Bus: General information- Category,Adult(age 19 or older),Teen(age 13~18),Child (age 6~12)
Category Adult
(age 19 or older)
(age 13~18)
Child (age 6~12)
Regular (non-express) bus Transportation card 1,500 850 400
Cash 1,700 1,000 500
Express bus Transportation card 1,950 1,100 650
Cash 2,200 1,300 800
  • If an adult is accompanying a child age five or younger, free of charge for up to three people (does not apply to groups of four or more)
  • If a teen takes the subway with a regular ticket or after paying in cash, they will be subject to an adult fee.

Where and how to purchase a transportation card

Where and how to purchase a transportation card- Category,Adult,Teen,Child
Category Adult Teen Child
Places sold Any branch of Daegu Bank, any subway station (vending/charging machine), some convenience stores
Fee KRW 2,000 (may cost more if accessories (e.g. card holder, sticker) are added)
Charging locations Any branch of Daegu Bank, any subway station (vending/charging machine), some convenience stores, app (Daegu Bank (IMBank), SmarTouch)
Required document(s) None Legal document that includes date of birth
Payment notification (audio or tag) Gamsahamnida Annyeonghaseyo Bangapseumnida
Transfer notification (audio) Hwanseungimnida Hwanseungimnida Hwanseungimnida

On transferring

  • Transfers can be made to a bus (cannot be a bus of the same route) or subway in Daegu or a bus of Gyeongsan or Yeongcheon.
    e.g.) No discount when transferring from one to another 649 bus
  • Transfers can be made free of charge within 30 minutes of getting off from the most recent mode of transportation.
  • To receive a transfer discount, you must tap your transportation card against the reader installed at the bus’ rear entrance (wait until the card makes a beeping sound) before getting off. If you tap it against the reader at the front entrance, an extra fee will be incurred.
  • Transfer benefits are provided per person per transportation card.
  • An additional fee will be incurred when transferring from a regular to an express bus.
  • Inquires about transfer errors for a transportation card should be made to DGB UPay ☎ 82-80-427-2342 (

Types of transportation cards

  • Pre-paid: OnePass, Top Pass, DaeGyeong transportation card
  • After-pay: A credit card (KB, BC, NH Nonghyeopchaeum, Shinhan, Samsung, Hyundai, Lotte, Hana SK, or KGB) that is also registered as a transportation card
    * Pre-pay or after-pay: Tmoney, Hanpay, Cashbee