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Introduction to Yangnyeongsi

Korean traditional medicine is a life science that the people of Korea have ingeniously developed and sublimated into a form most applicable to its people.


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Daegu Taxi is a service developed through various tests such as measuring driver friendliness and identifying customer demands, which is a method of transporting customers safely. In order to become the standard and role model of taxis in Korea, efforts are continuously being made to provide better services through better automobiles, TRS devices and GIS systems, as well as work automation, etc.

Corporate Taxi

  • These are the most common taxis and can be found at taxi stops. Empty taxis will have a red light on the roof of the cab, and because the light on the blue cap of the taxi's roof also turns on, it can be easily spotted even at night.

Personal Taxi

  • Unlike general corporate taxis, these are personally owned taxis and can be found at taxi stops. They are differentiated by green caps on the taxi's roof.

Call Taxi

  • When a customer calls for a taxi in areas where public transportation cannot be easily accessed, the taxi will usually arrive within 10 minutes. There is an additional fee for calling the cab.

Brand Taxi (Hanmaeum Call Taxi)

  • Telephone : 82-53-424-1111
  • In order to promote the stagnating taxi industry and to create high quality taxi services, this project is supervised by the city of Daegu and operated by the Daegu Taxi Union. (As of Mary 2009, 1,240 corporate taxis are involved)
  • Features include the option to pay the fare in one of a variety of ways, get-home-safe services in which guardians are notified of the vehicle information, cars available within 5 minutes anywhere in the city (nearest vehicle), and no separate fees for calling