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Korean traditional medicine is a life science that the people of Korea have ingeniously developed and sublimated into a form most applicable to its people.

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Oriental leg-bath Making Herbal Soap Making oriental natural air freshener Making an oriental mist Making an oriental lip balm Other activities

Try on doctor’s costumes

  • Just like the ones Huh Joon and Dae Jang Geum wore on TV and take pictures.
Try on doctor’s costumes Photo1 Try on doctor’s costumes Photo2 Try on doctor’s costumes Photo3 Try on doctor’s costumes Photo4

Drink traditional herbal tea

  • Try Sipjundaebo-tang, Ssanghwa-tang brewed with domestic ingredients.
  • (Traditional herbal tea selection could vary according to the season)
Drink traditional herbal tea Photo1 Drink traditional herbal tea Photo2 Drink traditional herbal tea Photo3 Drink traditional herbal tea Photo4

Self Health Examination

  • Check your vitals, height and weight.
Self Health Examination Photo1 Self Health Examination Photo2 Self Health Examination Photo3 Self Health Examination Photo4
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