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Korean traditional medicine is a life science that the people of Korea have ingeniously developed and sublimated into a form most applicable to its people.

Feet bathing in herb medicine

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Feet bathing in herb medicine

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  • Duration: 20 minutes / Fee: 5000 Won
An Feet bathing in herb medicine uses Korean angelica root that is beneficial for the skin, mint which helps with cold recovery, and Aeyup, which benefits haemostasis. This hands-on corner uses such Feet bathing in herb medicine preparation that is both easy to use and good for one's health.
Keeping the head cool and the feet warm
According to the law of nature, hot air rises upward, keeping the head cool and the feet warm. This can initiate the lower body’s warmth to rise to the upper body, which in turn further facilitates blood circulation. Students and office workers who spend extended periods of time sitting down on a chair tend to have blood driven to the lower body around their feet. A regular use of feet bathings that boosts blood circulation is one of the simplest ways of keeping oneself in good health.
How to enjoy a healthy leg-bath
The most salubrious way to enjoy a feet bathing is to start with lukewarm water of about 40°C, raise the water temperature up to 42-45°C after about 15 minutes, and finish when one breaks sweat on the forehead or the armpit. Even if one does not sweat, it does not mean the feet bathing has been fruitless – please refrain from using a feet bathing for more than 15 minutes at over 40°C.
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