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Hands-On Experience Programs

Korean traditional medicine is a life science that the people of Korea have ingeniously developed and sublimated into a form most applicable to its people.

Hands-On Experience Events

  1. Hands-On Experience Programs
  2. Hands-On Experience Events

Information on Hands-On Experience Programs

  • Date : Every day (Except for days when the Museum closes)
  • Time : 10am – noon, 2pm – 5pm
Reserve three or more days in advance for group visits at our homepage or by phone.(Phone : 82-53-253-3359)
Programs Duration Fee Notes
Feet bathing in herb medicine 20 minutes 5000 Won A feet bathing with a concoction of various medicinal herbs for boosting blood circulation
Making Herbal Soap 20 minutes 3000 Won Choose herbal ingredients according to your skin type
Making oriental natural air freshener 20 minutes 5000 Won Use 7 fragrant herbal ingredients to make an oriental natural air freshener
Making an oriental mist 10 minutes 5000 Won A mist for moisturizing
Making an oriental lip balm 10 minutes 4000 Won Make an oriental lip balm to keep your lips moist
Try on doctor’s costumes - Free Try on doctor’s costumes just like the ones Huh Joon and Dae Jang Geum wore on TV
Drink traditional herbal tea - Free Try Sipjundaebo-tang, Ssanghwa-tang brewed with domestic ingredients
Self Health Examination - Free Check your vitals, height and weight
※ Please click on the program name for more information
※ Visitors can sign up and try on doctor’s costumes, drink traditional herbal tea and do a self health examination at the museum immediately after, without reservation.