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Daegu Safety Theme Park was established in order to analyze the factors of various disasters
and improve disaster response capabilities, and safety awareness of citizens through safety experiences.

대구시민안전테마파크 로고설명


Introduction of facilities

Location : Daegu Dong-gu Palgongsan no 1155
Scale : 29,114㎡ site area/ 6,395㎡ total floor area

  Main Building Second Building Outdoor Facilities
Scale 5,843㎡ total floor area 552㎡ total floor area 140,645㎡ site area
Main facilities ▣ Subway exhibition hall
▣ Living safety hall
▣ 3D-picture hall
▣ Disaster prevention future hall
▣ Multi purpose hall
▣ Indoor fire hydrant room
▣ Smoke-filled room
▣ Descending life line room
▣ CPR training room
▣ Outdoor exhibition facilites
(fire engine, traffic safety)
▣ Outdoor playground
▣ Sporting field(Jokgu, futsal)
▣ Additional facilites
(safety symbolic sculpture)